Wooo, half way through the busy week! What a be-a-u-tiful day it has been in the ‘Burgh! Here is the Bible verse of Wednesday 🙂

If anyne consders himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he decieves himself and his religion is worthless. James 1:26

That is such an important verse because it is really easy to use euphemisms (saying another word instead of swearing-which is still a sin) It is always a struggle and really tough to hear others use God’s name in vain.

Anyways, let me finish off Tuesday evening! For a quick dinner I cooked up curried chicken, couscous, and mixed vegetables..

The chicken was a bit spicy. The grape juice offset it though! After dinner I polished off the rest of the kettle corn from this weekend. I needed energy for swim practice!

Hannah and I did end up trying out a new swim team! Exciting and challenging! The team practices in a more run-down area of Pittsburgh. As we walked in the pool area kids on a bus screamed swear words at us. Yikes.

On our way to practice!

The pool was warm and I liked the water. Swimmers are very weird about their pools, trust me. Anyways. Here was the practice:


500 Warm up, 16×50’s IM, 10×200 IM’s on 3:30, 10×50’s on 55, 25×25’s on 40 kicking, 3 relay 50’s, and 100 warm down.

Definitely a challenge! Everyone on the team thought I was a lot younger than I am, but what’s new?! The coaches were nice and their was only about two other people in my lane at a time. Will I join this team? Possibly! We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. I have to attend 4-5 practices a week plus do dryland training (running, push ups, sit ups, etc.) if I join. That is a big commitment, so I’m not sure.

As we got home around 7:15 and I was a bit hungry so I decided to bake pumpkin muffins!

Check out the all the spices (cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg)!

They are quite hearty because I wanted to fit all of the batter into one muffin pan. I think Pyrex should create a 14 or 16 muffin pan! Hmm, I may be writing a letter to Pyrex soon!

Now onto today! I slept fairly well, for sleeping in dog or cat pee on my bed…

Here is a morning scene after I got gas in my truck and was driving to Penn State. I love the changing color of the trees!

I headed off to my english class, then art, and got my psychology test back. I got an 85%! I am very happy with that! What makes me more happy is this:

Right now, as I am typing.. 21 out of 33 miners from Chile have been freed! YES! I have been praying about this a lot… so happy! I will continue to pray until they are all safe. I will still be praying for the aftermath, too. After classes I headed home and again noticed the gorgeous scenery. Thank you God 🙂

I came home around 11 to find this!

Thanks, mom! Just what I needed: Energy and encouragement in the form of a tuna sandwich and sweet note! I gobbled that up! I wish I could have my mom cook for me forever sometimes. I love her food. I am one lucky gal!

More good news, My brother, Billy, got a new job offer! He is thinking about it. It’s close to home so we are all excited for him. Okay, I really have to study and write a paper. Tonight I’m going to Panera Bread with Jimmy, my mom, and Hannah! After panera we are heading to Wednesday night Bible study.

What’s not to love about Wednesdays?



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