And dinner was…

A combo for dinner haha .. Gnocchi in lots of mushroom and onion sauce (I eat way too much sauce..)

Like the apple cutting board??!

Plus some salmon on top of greens 🙂 … finished product:

Oh yeah, and grape juice in my little clay mug Jimmy got me ❤

Before dinner Hannah read my blog 🙂 Thanks Han! She is crazy .. always doing homework. If she isn’t doing homework she’s studying. If she isn’t studying she’s talking about studying or homework ;p

Mom made pasta for Hannah because she doesn’t quite have the taste buds for gnocchi YET!

Mom’s pink! Woo! (This is in honor of her mom who passed away due to breast cancer<3)

After dinner was.. another swim practice for a new team.

Today’s verse of the day is:

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:44

A simple statement, yet it is so hard.. something to work on!

It is my brothers 22nd birthday today! YAY! So me, mom, and Han went shopping last night for him.. and got attracted to the food isle.. typical.

I reached for the spinach spaghetti and Hannah went for the chocolate. How sisterly of us.

After we got home I made some poppy corn .. actually kettle corn!

It popped over a wee little bit, hehe.

Salty and sweet at the same time, yuuuum! I had also asked for a latte stop on the way home and mom said NOO, but when Hannah asked for french fries mom didn’t say no! Am I that dangerous with caffeine in me? I suppose.

Here is the 22 year old on his big day..

awwwwww… all cuddled up in his blankie!

Actually thats MY blankie!!! HAHA…

Yesterday was dreary and rainy in the ‘burgh..

I can assure you it looks the same today. Our grass is nice and fertile due to our lovely pets!

First thing I drank this morning? Something I got from the store last night of course!!

Mmmmmmhmmm.. chocolate coffee!

The day has been like this so far:

woke up, read my Bible<3, headed off to an english quiz, art class, and psychology, came home ate lunch and….

An awkward fudge pop! Cool stuff 😉

Now I am headed off to a pumpkin patch with my sister and some of her classmates!

Bye bye 😉

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