Mexican Food :)

Went to a pumpkin patch with my little sis and her buddies. The drive out there was breathtaking!

Here are some pictures from the patch 🙂

It did rain a bit, but it cleared up! ( I had to wear my rain boots :))

Lots and lots of pumpkins, their were also albino pumpkins .. kind of like my skin…..

(Oh yeah, I was drinking pumpkin spice coffee, typical.)

We headed into the produce section and bought $30 worth of jams, apples, apple cider.. etc!

Mom was searching for some special jam… 😉

After the pumpkin patch we went to mcdonalds, and saw this:

A man and his dog buying mcdonalds w/o a car! LOL.

Off to swimming I went. It was a good practice… I drank 2 water bottles! Then it was finally time for mexican food for my big brothers 22nd birthday!

Mom & dad 🙂

Just goofin’ off!

The birthday boy! Aren’t they sooo photogenic?!

Shrimp fajitas ❤

We all headed home, watched the Pen’s game, a movie, and I made pumpkin rice pudding! Then I zonked out for the night! Now it is Saturday! Yippie! Here is the Bible verse of the day:

He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the son of God does not have life. 1 John 5:12

Plain and simple 🙂 If you have Jesus, you have eternal life!

Here is mom’s breakfast, she found jam yesterday … this made her very happy because it is her favorite pie flavor! (I had some of the jam mixed in with cottage cheese, DELICIOUS!)


Okay, I must be going. I wish this could have been a much longer post (because I have so many pictures!) but I have to go to a wedding shower today!

Have a happy Saturday, bye!


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