Behind the scenes

Yesterday I blogged about the ornament exchange I went to at my church, but I didn’t mention anything that went on “behind the scenes.” I spent a good part of the exchange playing with kids from the church. Ahhh, I love little kiddos!

The kids set up a picnic lunch for us 😉

It was quite a fun time! I thought it would be cool to show what went on during the exchange, besides the normal stuff!


Other weekend pictures:

I jammed to this before presenting my rhetoric paper. It pumped me up fo sho!

 Hannah and I in the Barnes and Noble bathroom on Friday. Random.

K-Cups! I have found that buying K-cups at Bed Bath and Beyond is the best because they have like every flavor and the store constantly has sales + coupons!

On Sunday Jimmy and I went bowling together. It was quite fun. I ended up bowling a 129 and Jimmy bowled a 179. Jerk.

Popcorn! I got a popcorn maker like two years ago for Christmas and it is super easy to use. All you do is heat it up, add vegetable oil, and popcorn. Then let it pop and add salt, etc! Jimmy and I made this on Sunday for the preschool class we teach at our church. Fun fun!


This is my last week before finals week. Ahhh! So ready to be done!


Have a great day!

Schedule !

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the support about my last minute college switch. Every comment made me smile 🙂

I figured I would show everyone my schedule of classes this semester!

My Monday and Wednesday’s basically stink. I have IST (a computer class), Economics, Microbiology, and News writing. 2 of the classes are an hour and 15 minutes and two of the classes are 50 minutes. Luckily I have a break so I can eat lunch!

Tuesday and Thursday’s will rock. I only have rhetoric for 1 hour and 15 minutes but I know it is a TOUGH course with a lot of work/reading.

On Friday’s I have IST and Economics again for 50 minutes each. Not too shabby!

My course load is going to be TOUGH this semester but I’m excited to get to work. I got a decent schedule for how late I had to schedule.


Home Eats

Now that I am moved back home I have also been enjoying lavish non-dining hall eats…

Veggie + noodle soup

Yes, this picture looks gross but gross looking food is the best, right?! Berry pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup. Hollie would be so proud of me eating my weight in pancakes 😉

Refried beans a la Susan (peppers & onions!!)

Pink Lady apple with pb and ssb to dip<3333

Jamie and I share a love for cereal in a coffee mug 🙂

Cereal + soy milk + coffee with cream 🙂


Be on the lookout for my next post on the pro’s and con’s of college away and at home. 

Any tips for managing my difficult course load/schedule?!?!