Behind the scenes

Yesterday I blogged about the ornament exchange I went to at my church, but I didn’t mention anything that went on “behind the scenes.” I spent a good part of the exchange playing with kids from the church. Ahhh, I love little kiddos!

The kids set up a picnic lunch for us 😉

It was quite a fun time! I thought it would be cool to show what went on during the exchange, besides the normal stuff!


Other weekend pictures:

I jammed to this before presenting my rhetoric paper. It pumped me up fo sho!

 Hannah and I in the Barnes and Noble bathroom on Friday. Random.

K-Cups! I have found that buying K-cups at Bed Bath and Beyond is the best because they have like every flavor and the store constantly has sales + coupons!

On Sunday Jimmy and I went bowling together. It was quite fun. I ended up bowling a 129 and Jimmy bowled a 179. Jerk.

Popcorn! I got a popcorn maker like two years ago for Christmas and it is super easy to use. All you do is heat it up, add vegetable oil, and popcorn. Then let it pop and add salt, etc! Jimmy and I made this on Sunday for the preschool class we teach at our church. Fun fun!


This is my last week before finals week. Ahhh! So ready to be done!


Have a great day!



  1. That’s a pretty cool idea, a “behind the scenes” blog, haha.

    I love BB&B for k-cups! They send me 15% and $5 off $15 or more coupons all the time which makes the k-cups a lot cheaper and they definitely have the best selection. How are the chocolate glazed donut ones? I’ve been thinking about trying that flavor, right now I’m on a pumpkin spice kick!

    You guys have been bowling a lot lately :).

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you honestly inspire me to be a better person, whether it’s helping others out or just enjoying life. I love reading your blog and look forward to it everyday.

    If Hollie comes to pass through Pittsburgh in January, we are definitely all getting together!

  3. I had a popcorn maker growing up and totally loved that thing!! I’ve heard the inside of microwave popcorn bags are lined with crazy toxic crap, so I’m sure that’s waaaaaaaaay better for you to do it your way!!! 🙂

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