Our Weekend in Pictures

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! It was a hot one here in the ‘Burgh and I loved it. Instead of writing a whole bunch, I thought I would try and use the pictures on my camera roll to sum up the joy of our weekend, so here we go!

Toddler girls holding hands in Fourth of July dresses
Toddlers holding hands in Fourth of July dresses
Mom and dad with toddler in blue clothes for family picture
Mom holding toddler during fireworks black and white photo
Braid Bakery Etsy Shop Granola Order Packaging
Challah bread from Braid Bakery
Braid Bakery Challah Bread
Two Siberian huskies sitting in kitchen

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. Lovely photos! 🙂 And the challah looks so amazing!

    My weekend was very busy as my 7-year-old niece Yasmina came to stay. We played board games, went out to town, and went for walks. I don’t think she sat still for a minute haha. I wish I had as much energy as she does! 😀

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