Lion Life and Something Old But New

We’re over here living the lion life. Sadie has been learning about lions during homeschool this week and roaring all day. She also says whiskers so adorably. It comes out as “whiskies” haha.

Abeka preschool homeschool lesson Lion craft for toddler homeschool

One of the benefits of homeschooling Sadie is that I’ve actually learned a lot right along with her. Last week I learned that koalas have two thumbs. Legit!

I had the bright idea to try and keep Sadie occupied with painting so I could get some computer work done but she asked me to paint with her and I just couldn’t resist.

Toddler painting

I finally picked out some natural cleaners after doing some research. I went with a little kit from Plant Therapy that had concentrates and spray bottles. It seemed like it would be cost effective to go with a concentrate.

The spray bottles get bonus points for being so pretty 🙂

Plant Therapy Essential Oil cleaners with glass spray bottles

I pulled out something old (to me) but new (to Niva) the other day: puzzles! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might remember me working with Mavis on food puzzles all. the. time. and man was she good at them!

I brushed off the puzzles and let Niva have a shot and she was like uhh, you’re making me work for my food?! Sadie didn’t remember the puzzles, so she was so confused as to why I was putting Niva’s food in what looked like a new toy for her 😉

Siberian Husky figuring out a food puzzle

Niva and I also got out on a walk today after Jimmy got home from work and it felt downright luxurious to walk her all by myself! Sadie and I usually walk her in the day and it takes us a looooong time to go around the block, haha.

I think the snow plus being able to walk at her own pace made her one happy pup!

Siberian Husky in the snow

What seemingly small thing feels like a luxury to you?



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