A Few Favorites

Sharing a few favorite things lately!

-Jimmy wanted me to mention a very important favorite: we can put toilet paper on the dispenser again! Sadie used to constantly pull toilet paper off the roll, but we’ve been working on leaving. it. alone. and we’re feeling confident enough to leave it on the dispenser. Living on the edge over here!! 

-My mother-in-law gave me a mandevilla vine and it makes me so happy every single time I walk past it. 

Mandevilla vine

-I made and ordered Sadie a little picture book from Walgreens and each page has a photo of different family members (and pets, of course!). We go through the book often and talk about who is in each picture. 

-Reading. Always! I’m about halfway through Simple Pleasures, Sadie is enjoying this set of Biscuit books, and Jimmy and I are still reading The Purpose Driven Life and our Couples Devotional together (<–links are affiliate!). 

-Also enjoying my prayer journal. I’ve found it to be a great place to get all my prayers down and be able to look back on previous weeks and see how God worked in my life. My sister and I always talk about creating our own line of journals, prayer journals, and planners. Some day…

Prayer journal

-We harvested yellow squash from our garden! I’ve been getting lots of arugula, Swiss chard, and romaine every few days, but the squash has been the first non-lettuce harvest of the season 🙂

-“Special” coffee has been a favorite lately. Jimmy got us Starbucks before church on Sunday and I savored every glorious sip!

-I loved the highlighted quote below from a Bible study my sister and I did together in the Bible app. I thought that was so beautiful.

God loves the sound of your voice. Anxious for nothing devotion

What has been a favorite of yours lately?



    1. Yay for all the favorites!! I think I have to agree with all of yours! Especially watching Caroline grow into a toddler! She is the sweetest and so funny!

  1. Yay for summer squash! I love squash, especially yellow and zucchini. A friend is sharing lettuce and chard from her garden and I feel so lucky to get it!

    Good luck with the great toilet paper roll chronicles! I hope it has lost all appeal for the time being.

    The mandevilla vine is beautiful. The flowers look so tropical.

    1. Yay! SO glad your neighbor shares produce with you!! So far so good with the toilet paper, ha!

      I was thinking the exact same thing about the mandevilla vine looking so tropical!

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