A Sentence Per Picture

Just as the title implies, here’s a bunch of pictures described with one sentence each 🙂

She’s pretty happy for having a double ear infection!

Wood burned this for my mom.

Baby and toddler

Cousin day!

Baked these for our local police officers.

Toddler standing in front of garage

Family walk time.

Girl walking chocolate lab in rain

Pet sitting in the rain.

Adult and child Dyson vacuum

Vacuuming buddies.

S'mores Hamantaschen

S’mores hamantaschen and chocolate covered pretzels.

Toddler in jumpsuit with cocker spaniel

Can’t get much cuter than pigtails and a jumpsuit.

Cat laying in the sun

Malcolm found the sunny spot.

Mom and toddler

Hanging out at church.



  1. I love all these pics!!!! I hope Sadie is on the mend from her ear infection~ antibiotics are amazing!! It looks like she had a fun cousin day with Caroline- those two will be soooooo close when they are older! Thanks for sharing the cookie thingys (uh – NOT)
    Love you

    1. Thanks Mama! Sadie seems to be on the mend! Just the remnants of a cold and a low grade fever now. Whew. We are getting there! She and Caroline (and Hannie and I!) had an amazing day together. I am so excited to see them grow up together. What a blessing! I will have to give you some of the hamantaschen cookies!! Sorry I didn’t share sooner!

      I love you so much! ❤

  2. I’m so impressed with your wood burning skills! That sign looks amazing! Also, her little pigtails are precious! ❤

    Oh, and hamantaschen! Are you planning ahead for Purim or making it just because? Do you have a recipe you like?

    1. Aww, thank you Rach! That thing took me forever, but it was worth it because I love how it turned out!
      I was kind of planning ahead for Purim and freezing the hamantaschen, but we kept pulling them out of the freezer and now we only have a few cookies left, LOL! Looks like I need to bake more! I got the recipe from the cookbook “Modern Jewish Baker.” 🙂

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