A Busy Weekend + Sick Sadie

I knew the day would come, and I’ve been dreading it. Sadie has her first cold and it’s breaking. my. heart.

Our little gal woke up with a scratchy throat and some congestion. She’s just the most pitiful little thing when she cries. There’s not much we can do to treat a cold besides try to alleviate her symptoms, watch for a fever, and snuggle.

Family picture with baby on mom's shoulders

She seems to be in good spirits despite the sickness, so that’s good news! I think this is harder for mama than Sadie, but that’s probably the way tough things will go as she grows up 😉

Our weekend was a fun and busy one! It kind of felt like it started on Thursday because we were able to see my parents and hang out for a bit! Here’s the rundown of our fun!

  • Thursday: my mom and I took Sadie to the mall (we had a great experience in Altar’d State–they were super accommodating and let me nurse Sadie in the dressing room and even gave my mom and I bottles of water!) and my dad came over in the evening and we ordered pizza. After they left I wrapped up a work project, which was a relief.

The Christmas decorations were up at the mall!

  • Friday: Sadie and I visited Jimmy at work! This has started to become a weekly occurrence and we’re loving it. My father-in-law and his wife came over in the evening to visit and they gave Sadie a bath. So cute!
  • Saturday: I worked a little in the morning and we went shopping with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and swung by our favorite grocery store to grab some chocolate. Amy recommended this brand, so I had to check it out!

My sweet sister-in-law walked around At Home with Sadie in her carrier!

  • Sunday: we went to church and our friends from church (Hi Miss Laura and Mr. Dave!) graciously baby sat Sadie while Jimmy and I visited our friend in the hospital. After evening church, there was a fellowship and we also trained my sister and her husband to do some church duties.

Jimmy and Sadie before church!

It was a great mix of family time, getting out and about, and even a little bit of productivity sprinkled in between!

I’ve been back into the swing of real estate work, though my schedule looks different these days. It’s a balancing act of fitting in work here and there, but I feel so thankful to have such a flexible schedule and the ability to work for my family’s business. God has been so good to me.

Sadie was reviewing my work 😉

We also did some reading over the weekend, which included Sadie’s first sign language book, this book that I can’t read without crying, and the first draft of my book! More on all of that in another post, though!

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. Stick with the signing! Owen is super into it and it is so cute to see him sign “more, please” when he’s eating. We weren’t very consistent with signs with Ava but it has been super fun with Owen.

    I hope she feels better. I think it’s so hard when they’re sick. I read recently that snuggles are as effective as medicine so there’s that! She is sooo cute in her Thanksgiving dress.

    1. Okay!! I’m so excited for the first time she signs to us! I totally want to see a video of Owen signing! That sounds so precious!

      I love what you said about the snuggles! I believe it 100%!

  2. Hi Sweetie, I can so relate to children being sick and there is nothing you can do but hurt on the inside because their just so pitiful! Remember that with you!

    You a whirlwind couple days thank you for sharing!

    Love you Dad

  3. Awwww, it’s SO hard when they’re sick! I remember Brady and Kaitlyn’s first colds well! It’s particularly hard when they’re that little. Kaitlyn is sick with a cold right now too, but thankfully it isn’t that bad (and she’s a little older now, so it isn’t AS rough). But my heart still aches seeing her stuggle to breathe now that she has the sniffles.
    I pray that baby Sadie feels better very soon! She is SO adorable in her Thanksgiving dress!!! Awww, it’s her first holiday!!! How special! (I LOVE the pic of you two with the mall Christmas decorations in the background. So pretty)!

    1. It really is so tough to see them struggle! I’m glad you could relate (though not glad you guys have to go through sickness too!)! Sending prayers for Kaitlyn to feel better soon! Thanks for praying for Sadie girl!

  4. I hope Sadie is feeling better now!! Poor girl. I hope you’re doing better with seeing her struggle too Allie 🙂

    This weekend was some family time and running the Philly Marathon! The picture of Sadie looking at your work makes me laugh because she’s so wide eyed. It’s almost like she’s thinking “Mom what kind of work is this?!”

    1. Thankfully Sadie girl is doing much better! YAY! It was tough to see her miserable, but I’m glad she’s on the mend now 🙂

      I can’t wait to read your Philly marathon recap! I totally agree with you on Sadie’s face in the one picture!

  5. I love Sadie’s turkey outfit and glad that you liked that chocolate bar! That’s one of my favorite kinds of fancy chocolate as well as Endangered Species.

    I hope Sadie is all recovered now and can see how her first time being sick would be sad for you but also stressful. But you’ll get through it, you’ve already gotten through so much already being a mom. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh no! Sick babies are so pitiful! I hope she is feeling much better soon!

    I love the picture of you two with the Christmas trees behind you, though! So fun!

    I’m so glad that you are loving I Prayed for You! It’s such a precious book and I still get teary when I read it too. ❤

  7. Oh poor thing 😦 I bet it’s the worst thing in the world seeing your baby sick!

    I do love Altar’d state- I think they are a Christian owned store! So glad they were so accommodating.

    Ohhh my goodness- Sadie is just the sweetest in her turkey dress. Jimmy looks so proud!

    God is so good! Hope Sadie is 100% back to normal 🙂

    1. It really was so tough seeing her sick! But she made it through and is healthy again!

      Yes, Altar’d State is a Christian store!! I was so happy when they moved into our local mall. Love it there!

  8. Aw I hope Sadie is feeling better! Poor baby! ♡ I love the photo of you two at the mall and the one where she is reviewing your work lol. I also love that chocolate bar brand, yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Allie! ♡

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