Mavis at Six Months

I can’t believe Mavis is halfway through her first year of life! She’s growing so fast and it feels like she’s been a part of our family forever.

New Things

  • Mavis passed her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test and graduated from Puppy Level II! She starts her adult training classes to work towards earning her Canine Good Citizen title next week!
  • The brown spots of her fur are looking a little lighter as she’s getting older.
  • She can now jump into my truck! She has only done it twice, but I’m proud of her nonetheless 😉
  • She’s currently having her first sleepover at her my parents’ for a few nights (Jimmy and I are having a staycation!).
  • She continues to solve food puzzles like a champ, and it’s so neat to watch her figure them out.
  • She is getting better about being held and touched, and is way less fearful of other dogs. She did great with my siblings and parents’ dogs on Thanksgiving!
Petco Positive Dog Training Puppy II Graduation with cocker spaniel puppy

Mavis after her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test and graduation from Puppy II classes!

New Likes

  • Chasing a laser. It’s hilarious to watch her run after it because she tries to grab it with her paws, haha.
  • Whimzees dental treats. These take her forever to chew and have been a lifesaver in keeping her busy when she’s being naughty.

Brown and white parti color cocker spaniel puppy six months old

Hard Things

  • Mavis is now in the adolescence stage of puppyhood and can really test our patience! She will act like she doesn’t know certain commands, or will bark at us for attention. The key has been to be very patient and make sure she gets a lot of exercise each day.
  • She and Malcolm get into trouble together!

Happy Things

  • She continues to pet sit with me (we walked six dogs together today!) and is my little working buddy.
  • She adores Lola and always wants to be with her.

Black lab mix and cocker spaniel puppy cuddling

I think that’s everything for Mavis’ six month update! She’s just a little ray of sunshine in our lives and we are absolutely loving her!



    1. Awww, thank you Maureen! I have to agree that she’s the cutest cocker I’ve ever seen, too! I may be biased, though 😉

      Thanks for the congrats on our puppy classes! We started her adult training last night and it was surreal, haha. My baby is growing up fast. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel if/when I have human kids and they graduate and do things like that!

  1. As someone who has never had a pet growing up, although really looking forward to the opportunity to have one after school, this post is really nice to read! The picture of Mavis and Lola, precious.

  2. Mavis & Lola together are just precious! I love that! Mavis is growing so fast. Passing training classes and jumping into your truck. What a big girl! Also, Oreo loves the laser pointer SO much. It’s his favorite way to exercise in the backyard. 🙂

    1. Seeing them get along so well makes me super happy! I was definitely nervous about having to female dogs and how they would get along, but the transition has been better than I could have hoped for!

      Yay for laser pointers!! They are so entertaining for the pups AND us humans watching them 🙂

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