Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving was absolutely lovely.

A little craft I made with the kids at our church. Some of the things I'm thankful for :)

A little craft I made with the kids at our church. Some of the things I’m thankful for 🙂

This special holiday always has me reflecting on God’s blessings in my life. To have a roof over my head, abundant food, clean water, electricity, a wonderful husband, a healthy family, a job, a vehicle, and so much more is crazy to think about. I have all I could ever need. 

On top of my basic needs, God has blessed me with much, much more. This Thanksgiving was extra special for my family for some personal reasons, so I just want to acknowledge how good God has been to us. He answers prayers in amazing ways. He goes above and beyond.


Jimmy and I celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents’ house with my mom, dad, Hannah, and all of our pups. We ate, laughed, prayed, and relaxed. It was a great day.

I also had to pet sit, so that was done before and after visiting my parents. It’s tempting to resent working on holidays, but that’s just when pet sitting is the busiest. I’m thankful for the extra work and the opportunity to contribute financially to our little family in a way that I so enjoy.


After eating, my mom convinced me to go Black Friday shopping with her, even though it was still Thursday. It was my first true experience with the craziness that is Black Friday. I went not to buy anything, but to spend time with my mom. We had fun, and it wasn’t too wacko out and about.

This time of year reminds me not only to be thankful, but to give. To give of myself, my time, money, love, and more. However I can help others, really. Here’s to having an attitude of thanks and giving the whole year round.

I hope all who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful day spent with loved ones!



  1. God really is so good 🙂 I’m happy to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. You and Jimmy are such a cute couple!! I also went shopping on Thursday night with my boyfriend’s sister in law and also surprisingly it wasnt as wild as I envisioned it. The people watching though, was still great ha

    xo, JJ

  2. God really is great. This year I spent some time with my sister, with my roommate and then had some alone time. I am really taking what the Lord says about rest seriously right now. I have all I need, I am happy, safe and healthy. I am so glad you had a wonderful day. Did you cook anything extra special this year?

    1. Amen, Ellie! God is great! I’m glad you had some alone time and time with your sis and roommate. It sounds like the perfect combo for you!

      I made a pumpkin pie this year 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, Allie. I have done the Black Friday shopping a few times and I don’t remember what I bought but I do remember those times I spent with my mom and extended family. I miss that a lot. Cherish every moment you get with them because in the end, traditions like that aren’t always about stuff.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving – so many blessings! Time with family is the best. I’m glad that you don’t mind the extra work around the holidays. It probably helps that your colleagues (aka: the pets you watch) are adorable and lovable!!

  5. Beautiful post! I’m so glad that God showed up and showed off. God’s provision in making a holiday that much more special by blessing us always makes me so thankful that He loves us the way he does.

  6. I just read your email and am now reading this post and I have to tell you that I am so happy to read about your wonderful Thanksgiving! What a blessing this holiday was for you!

    Also, as someone who is always traveling at the holidays, I SO appreciate our dog sitter’s willingness to take care of Oreo even on holidays. She is awesome. I’m sure your clients feel the same way!

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