Thought-Provoking Questions

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love asking questions. Recently, after listening to me to talk to someone, a friend at church asked me if I took a class in college on asking questions. I told her that a lot of my journalism classes taught me about who-what-when-where-why-how questions, but I’m mostly just curious. I feel the insatiable need to learn about everything all. the. time. This character trait is exhausting and exhilarating. It’s also a great asset when playing trivia games like Taboo.

When I hear or read a thought-provoking question somewhere, I usually try to jot it down to think about and discuss here on the blog. I want to share some questions (and my answers) that have made me think recently, and I really want to hear your answers! I have a running list, but I’m just going to share three questions today.

1. What are things you vividly remember doing with your parents as a child?
Flying kites with my dad, baking banana bread and peanut butter cookies with my mom, having my mom help me put on tights before church on Sundays, sled riding, visiting the Outer Banks, camping, visiting my dad’s parents, and having movie nights with my whole family by the fireplace.

An old family picture!

2. What is one of your saddest memories?
The first thing that comes to my mind is the last time I saw my great grandpa who lived in Upstate New York. He was sitting in his favorite chair on his enclosed front porch. He was just looking outside, and it seemed like he was pondering something really deep. He had lung cancer and was pretty sick at this time. My family visited New York about twice a year, and I remember looking at my great grandpa and thinking this will probably be the last time I ever see him. It was just so overwhelmingly sad. He meant the world to me, and many of my happiest childhood memories involved spending time with my grandpa Ivan. He was very special, and taught me a lot about life without me realizing it until I was older. I’m thankful that I knew my great grandpa long enough to have so many vivid memories of him.

My great grandpa Ivan, proudly showing off his garden.

3. What was the best dream and the worst nightmare you’ve had?
My worst nightmare is tough to pinpoint. I have bad dreams constantly, but one that comes to mind quickly is when I was home alone in my dream and a man was trying to get into my house to attack and kill me. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. That was awful, though in the end of the dream I think my neighbor saved me!

As for the best dream, recently, I dreampt that it was my birthday and Jimmy gave me a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Siberian Husky as my birthday gifts. Yes, I dream about dogs on the regular (when I’m not having nightmares) and it is always awesome when I do!

Your turn! Answer some or all of the above questions!


  1. The most vivid childhood memory I have is lying on my bed talking on the phone with my best friend and laughing so hard no sound was coming out anymore. We were like that for about twenty minutes, not saying anything, but saying everything at the same time.
    I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa, I never knew either of mine either so I don’t know what I am missing. That must be so hard.

  2. Prepare to read a short novel. Hahaha

    Oh my gosh I love that family picture!! Your nightmare is terrifying. I have a roommate but we keep different schedules so I feel like if I had a dream like that I wouldn’t get out of bed haha!

    Vivid memories…watching my best friend move in to the house across the street from me, setting up chairs and dolls to play house with Alex while the Wee Sing VHS was playing, going to Wildwood, watching TV with my Dad, breakfast and notes that my mom would leave outside my bedroom door every morning (because she was at work and we were home with our Dad), and my Grandma putting little ziploc bags on me and CJ’s shoes before we walked through the muddy yard to get the mail. Ha! Sorry…once I started thinking I was surprised how much really stuck out to me!

    The memory of your great grandpa is so sad but how you talk about him reminds me of how I think about my Pap Pap. He was such a good man and I do so many things now that I wonder and hope are making him proud! I always wonder if it is better to know that someone is sick or is it better to have them pass quickly…both are so difficult…but I always wonder because my Pap Pap was hit by a car getting his mail on a rainy day and it was so tragic because no one was prepared for him to be gone so fast. Another vivid memory I have is going to his house 3 days before he passed away and making him and my grandma buy candy I was selling in junior high for something…and before I left, I usually only hugged and kissed my grandma and just yelled “Bye Pap Pap love you!”, but on that night, 3 days before he passed, I hugged and kissed him too, and that was the last time I saw him. It gives me chills when I think about it because it’s like God was in that moment.

    I don’t remember my dreams enough to write about them! Ha!

  3. Oh man! I’m sorry about the nightmares. I used to have bad dreams all the time. I still do sometimes, but not often anymore. Now mostly I just have weird dreams.

    That photo of your great grandfather is great. I love that you got to know him. I had one great-grandparent who lived until I was 13 and looking back I’m so glad that I had the chance to know her.

    I love your childhood memories. 🙂 We had movie nights as a family too. We’d always have homemade pizza and I loved making that with my family.

  4. That family picture looks so classic and sweet! I’m amazed you actually remember your best dream/worst nightmare. I’ve woken up from some pretty scary nightmares that felt all too real, but I’m glad I didn’t vividly remember them upon waking!

  5. Aw, I love that picture of your great grandpa! My great grandma died this year and that was really tough. As a kid I would stay at house for weeks and those are some of my best childhood memories. I feel so blessed to have those memories with her though!

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