At My House

I saw another survey in a magazine that I thought would be fun to fill out! Last time, the survey was about opposites and was from Marie Claire magazine. This time, it’s about home life, and I found it in Good Housekeeping. I encourage anyone to join in and take the survey on their blog or answer any of the questions in the comments! Because you know, I like asking questions ;).

At My House Survey

Recipe I’m scare to try sourdough bread; I think the idea of a starter scares me?!
Favorite family recipe my mom’s chili or my great aunt’s gingersnaps.

Household chore I actually enjoy laundry and vacuuming.
Before company arrives, I hide mail and papers scattered on our table.
Favorite junk food Nutter Butter cookies.
I’d do anything to avoid cleaning the sink.


Good habit Reading my Bible and journaling.
Bad habit Taking on too much at once.
Stuff I can’t live without Something to read and my water bottle.
I’m currently reading My Journey by Donna Karan.
I stay fit by Walking my dog, or anyone’s since I’m always pet sitting!


Personal motto/mantra I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
I wish I could tell my future self to Chill out and relax more often.
Etiquette pet peeve Not saying thank you or being downright rude.
Cat/dog/other One dog, Lola.


I’d love to hear your answers to some of these!


    1. Thanks! It’s a hand-me-down couch from Jimmy’s grandparents! His grandma (who passed away a few years ago) had an eclectic style that I just love. His grandpa said we could take some of their furniture when we moved into our house, and when I saw that couch I was like yeees! It matches absolutely nothing, but I love it. haha.

  1. I’m scared to try waffles because I have had disastrous attempts at pancakes :-X I hate cleaning anything but end up doing a lot of dishes and taking out the trash. My roomie does the floors (Praise God!) The current book I am reading is called Family by Karen Kingsbury. I just finished her book called The Chance and LOVED IT! 🙂

    1. Really?! I wish we could have a pancake/waffle party together now, lol. I’m fairly good with pancakes after the first one (which I always under cook for some reason!), and with waffles, the trick is to not pour in too much batter!

      I’m going to check out those Karen Kingsbury books!!

  2. Lola is such a cutie. All the dogs you take care of are so well treated! I go on kicks where I’m really good about walking Oreo frequently (usually when the weather’s nice). But the rest of the time the poor mutt is stuck chasing the laser pointer in the backyard for exercise. 😉 Of course he thinks it’s awesome, but his parents know we’re just being lazy. 😉

    1. Aww, thank you! I agree, she is quite the cutie! LOL at Oreo chasing the laser pointer in the backyard! That’s such a good idea for when you don’t have the time/energy to take him on a walk!!

  3. I really, really like this one!! I have a blog-idea journal now (FINALLY I started one so that I don’t forget ideas as I come across them), and this has been added! 🙂 Such a fun survey. And so fun to read!

    1. I’m glad you like this survey, Nicole! Blog-idea journals are the best, right?! I used to use my phone, but I’m more of a pen and paper kind of gal, so I love doing that, too! I hope you post the survey on your blog. I’d love to read it!

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