More of our reception

So, it’s October. Jimmy and I were married in June. I’m kind of behind on sharing wedding pictures, haha! I posted about the first half of our reception about a month ago, and I finally found some time to post about the second half. Woo hoo!

I left off with the father-daughter dance. After mine and my dad’s dance, Jimmy danced with his mom to “My Wish” by Rascal Flats.


It was so sweet to watch, especially since Jimmy is the oldest and the first of his siblings to get married. After their dance, we ate dinner while watching a video that Jimmy surprised me with. He made a video of pictures of me for my birthday. It was set to “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Some of the pictures were goofy and embarrassing, while others brought back special memories.

Jimmy’s dad was recently over our house to help us paint our railing and had a radio playing. “Just The Way You Are” came on and he was like “Allie! It’s Jimmy’s song for you!” haha. He told us that he cried when he watched that video. Awwww. After the video ended with a message wishing me a happy birthday, a guy from our church loudly started singing happy birthday to me, and then everyone joined in. It was so, so amazing to see everyone I love in one room celebrating mine and Jimmy’s marriage on my birthday. It was definitely the best birthday I have ever had. Ever!

After dinner, it was time to boogie, eat cupcakes, and play in the photo booth!


We decided to go with cupcakes instead of wedding cake because we wanted a variety of flavors. We went with hot fudge sundae, almond-raspberry, red velvet, Oreo cream, chocolate fudge, vanilla, and carrot cake cupcakes. Thank you Spinola’s Bake Shop!

I had a blast dancing in between visiting with our guests. Before the wedding, I was fixated on having a pinata (I don’t know why!!) and doing the limbo at the reception. The venue didn’t allow us to have a pinata, but we were definitely allowed to do the limbo! I actually bought a dowel rod from Home Depot about a week before the wedding and decorated it with silver ribbon and blue craft flowers.

I was soo excited to do the limbo. When the song came on, the DJ actually came and got me (I was talking to a guest) and was like “I’m playing the limbo and I know you really want to do it!” ha. So I went to do it and it was a total struggle with my dress LOL. It was fun anyways!

I’m so glad we had a photo booth at our reception, too. I’m pretty sure everyone had fun with it–young and old! Here are a few jems…


My blog and real life friend Kim and her husband with some photo booth props 🙂

Some guests got into a little bit of trouble at the reception for throwing pieces of our centerpieces, haha. You can faintly see the centerpiece in the picture below. It’s basically a vase with little gel balls and a candle in it.

Well, some kids and adults were throwing the little balls at each other and things got out of hand at one point. The manager of the venue asked the DJ to tell everyone to stop. Yikes! Last week, I was talking to a lady from my church who was at the wedding and she was like “You know it was a fun wedding when everyone got in trouble and those gel balls are probably banned from the venue now!” ha. Also, Jimmy designed and created all of our centerpieces! He’s awesome.


After our reception wound down, we packed up a to-go box of cupcakes and cookies and left straight for our honeymoon. Our wedding was definitely the best day of my life thus far. I’m so glad I blogged about it so I can look back and remember everything that happened and how I felt. That’s one of the reasons I really love blogging.

I may have more wedding pictures to share soon because one of our groomsmen took a ton of pictures during the wedding. I can’t wait to see them! It will be like reliving the day all over again 🙂



  1. It’s totally cool that you’re posting about your wedding later after it happened- it’s a fun way to relive it a few months later and it’s obviously a very big event in your life :). I like that you did cupcakes instead of a wedding cake because the cupcakes are various flavors and also no one has to cut them, etc, they’re really portable and not as messy. I love all the songs you guys danced to, it seems like you had a really wonderful reception with your families and friends :).

  2. It’s awesome to see you looking back on your own wedding. I think the time you have taken to enjoy the married life shows how much you are enjoying it (if that makes sense). You didn’t immediately feel the need to “blog about it” (not that I would have expected you too). I’m glad you are enjoying life and enjoying being married.

  3. Aww your wedding cake cupcakes are precious! What a great idea! 🙂 Also, I love that Jimmy surprised you with that video – how sweet! And what a great song for it. 🙂 Oh, and so hilarious that everyone got in trouble for playing with the gel things from the center pieces. Oops, haha! But it makes for a great story! And obviously your guests were having fun! 🙂

  4. Aw! I could just imagine that video montage. *sniff sniff* perfect!

    This sounds creepy — that’s okay — but now I am gonna think of you whenever I hear that song.

  5. your wedding photos are gorgeous, & the stories that go with them are so, so happy. love how jimmy’s dad recognized the song from the video, and love that everyone celebrated your birthday with you. also? those cupcakes look delicious and i wish you had gotten your pinata (such a cool idea!)

  6. I didn’t know it was on your birthday! So cool. I love that picture of you and Hannah that’s really close to the camera, haha 🙂 And all of those cupcakes! YUM.

  7. A photo booth is a must! What a great idea! A piñata would have been cool instead of a cake. You and Jimmy could have directed each other blindly to break the piñata. LOL I think your cupcakes were fabulous!

  8. Aw, why didn’t they let you have a pinata? That would have been fun for sure! But the cupcakes and limbo seem to make up for it, haha

  9. First of all, those cupcakes look AMAZING! I wish I could reach through the picture, grab one, and then eat it. Ha, ha! YUM, cupcakes are just my favorite!!
    Secondly, how FUN is it that you had a photo booth and limbo at your wedding?!? I love unique ideas like that, because it helps to break the ice and leaves everyone just having a great time!
    Of course, then sometimes people have too much fun and start to throw bubbles from centerpieces around… 😉 LOL!! Actually, I was at a wedding last summer where the same thing happened! There must be something about those gel bubbles that scream “Throw me at someone!” And – sure enough – a few guests were asked by the venue to stop as well… and the bride is also convinced that the bubbles will be banned forever more as well! 🙂
    And how did I miss that you got married on your birthday?? Or maybe I knew and it’s just pregnancy brain making me forget…
    Your wedding recaps have been so fun and beautiful! I’m SO happy for you!!! 🙂

  10. That cupcake tower is just absolutely awesome!!!!! So cute and contemporary plus everyone can get what their heart desires. It kind of fun getting to read little by little about your special day, That way the fun continues on and on.

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