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Hi guys! How was your weekend? I hope it was splendid. Mine was fun and busy. I’ve been pet sitting since Friday, and Jimmy and I hosted a young adult church get together at our house on Saturday night. We had a blast playing games, eating, and encouraging each other in our faith. I love nights like that. Here’s two pictures before I get into today’s post…


Gunner, the cutie I’ve been hanging out with all weekend. He reminds me of Maggie, a bulldog I watched last year!

2014-10-18 15.28.38

Cupcakes! I don’t think I can write a blog post without mentioning baking, haha. I made these cupcakes (along with bread and soup) for the get together Jimmy and I hosted on Saturday. The orange sprinkles made them feel extra fall-ish 🙂

Okay, time for me to share some links from around the internet!


Mutant Giant Spider Dog – This prank had me laughing so, so hard. If you watch just one video today, make it this one!

The 3 Most Common Cat Training Problems and How to Fix Them –  How to handle common cat issues such as inappropriate elimination and scratching household furniture.

Safety Essentials for Dog Walkers – A few things to keep in mind to help you and your pup stay safe on your daily walk.

9 Unusual Dog Breeds This Vet is Seeing More Of – Veterinarian Marty Becker lists nine different dog breeds he’s been seeing more of  in his office. Now I want a Catahoula Leopard Dog.


Make Your Own Gelatin “Flu Shots” – Recipes for flu “shots” made out of gelatin, immune boosting herbs, and fruit juice to help you fight against this season’s colds and flu.

The 10 Weirdest Food Pairings You Just Have to Try – A list of interesting food pairings. I’ve heard of some (like ginger + milk chocolate) but a few are a little out there (like avocado + coffee and mushrooms + apricots).

Fresh Fall Dinner Recipes – 27 fresh fall dinner recipes from Southern Living. The apple-onion soup sounds really delicious!


Top 20 Restaurants Where College Students Can Eat in Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh is literally full of colleges. From Duquesne to Pitt to Point Park to Robert Morris to Carnegie Melon (I could keep going on and on..), the ‘Burgh has a lot of hungry college students. This link has the top 20 restaurants in Pittsburgh that are budget friendly and tasty. My personal faves are Fat Head’s Saloon and The Original Hot Dog Shop!

Made in Pittsburgh – A great feature on amazing businesses located in Pittsburgh. I was happy to see Nugo Nutrition because I love their snack bars.


The Chemistry of Fall Color – If you live in an area that experiences fall weather, you may have wondered why the leaves on trees are more vibrant some years, and why they turn different colors. This link provides some answers.

Top Fall Foliage Destinations – A list of the top locations in the U.S. to see the best fall foliage.

Fall Weather Safety Tips – Lots of great tips from the Farmer’s Almanac on how to stay safe during this beautiful season.


It’s Okay for You to Rest…Really“If you never get refilled how will you be able to pour out?”

9 Things Everyone Should Do When Reading the Bible – I really love #9!

The Work-Life-Faith Balance – How to follow God’s lead through all seasons of life.

Have you read anything interesting on the internet lately? Feel free to share in the comments!



  1. Oh my goodness, if I saw a giant spider / dog like that, I’d probably faint on the spot! LOL!! Too funny! 🙂
    And Gunner is SO cute!! 🙂
    Thank you for the links! I’m going to be lazy tonight and enjoy reading some of them!

  2. The Carolina dog is adorable!
    Funny you mention Nugo and their home base in Pittsburgh. I am a huge fan of Quest Bars, and happened to stumble upon their headquarters in El Segundo the other day.

  3. I work at a place that is known for great college eats! We are always featured in any post about Ithaca because we’re so popular! Last weekend was Alumni weekend and every Cornell grad had to come back to CTB because they remember eating there everyday when doing undergrad. It’s really fun to hear their stories!

  4. I want a Catahoula Leopard Dog too! So cute! Some friends of ours have a goldendoodle and we’ve dog sat for him a couple of times. 🙂 He’s a sweetie!

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