Happy Friday

Heeey there and happy Friday! Sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted. I began my internship on May 1st, and it’s been keeping me busy. I’ll probably blog more about that later.

Recent eats:


BBQ pulled chicken. It doesn’t look amazing, but the flavor is right on. I love all things BBQ.


Salmon + sweet potato fries with cinnamon.


Honey pretzel chicken skewers with honey mustard. This recipe only requires four ingredients! I’ll have to share it soon.


15 bean soup, salad, bread, and hot pepper chips. An odd but tasty combo.

Other pictures:


I posted this on Instagram about a week ago, but I thought I’d share this with the blog world. I was looking through my old journals and found an entry from the first time I hung out with Jimmy. I love him so much!


Speaking of Jimmy, I love spending time with him and his brother. They constantly make me laugh.


I’ve been cuddling with Felix a lot lately. He’s so sweet. My family never had a male cat until we adopted Felix. We have been so surprised at how friendly he is. People keep telling me that male cats are more affectionate than female cats. Interesting!


I’ve mentioned this before, but Lola loves riding in the car. I take her with me to run little errands like getting gas and going to the bank. She makes me so happy and I like to think that I make her happy as well.


Mother’s Day is Sunday!

Here’s a recipe to cook for your momma:
Eggplant Chana Masala


I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. That eggplant dish looks delicious, Allie :). I would so love to eat that but I don’t know about my mom. I think she’d like it too once she got over the weirdness. I love the journal entry too!!

    1. For some reason, him liking my nose sealed the deal for me HAHA. I had always been self conscious of how big my nose was and the first day we hung out he said it was cute. I was like OKAY I LOVE YOU.

      And yes to looking through old journals! Makes me smile 🙂

  2. DRAGON BOY AND HORSE GIRL!!! That’s awesome hahah.

    Pretty please share that recipe 🙂 AND nothing really does beat BBQ ever.

  3. Boy cats are my FAVORITE! Both of my kitties are males and they are just the best! Pretzels on chicken!? I love that idea haha, I don’t eat chicken..but interesting recipes are awesome.

  4. I don’t even know where to start. That journal entry is precious! What a lovely memory. And all of that food looks delish. What did you do for the BBQ chicken? Mmm. I’m always looking for eggplant recipes too, so I’ll have to check out your recommendation!

  5. Love that you knew he was a keeper right away 🙂 And BBQ!! Hard to make it look as good as it tastes–because it tastes AMAZING but looks like a pile of..well, meat.

  6. That journal entry is so cute! It seems like you had good feelings about Jimmy from the start 🙂 As someone who owns both male and female cats, it does seem like males are more affectionate, and I’ve always wondered why that is.

  7. I’m keeping a journal so I’m really looking forward to someday reading it! Those chicken skewers sound yuummy. Felix is so cute!

  8. I love pulled pork! Do you put coleslaw on yours? My dad does but I’ve never tried it because I’m not the biggest slaw fan.

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