Hey! I promised I would share two tasty recipes.


#1: My favorite corn bread. It’s sweetened with maple syrup and honey. I make a batch (or two) of it a week for snacking or as a side dish to lunch/dinner.


#2: Tuscan chicken soup. This soup is made in the slow cooker with chicken thighs, white beans, roasted red pepper, rosemary, and other delicious ingredients. My favorite part of this soup is the super tender chicken meat.

Other things going on in my life:


My brother got me listening to “Wagon Wheel” and now I’m obsessed with it (as you can tell from the screen shot–I was listening to the song at 5:34 a.m….).


Felix continues to climb everything, Lily is still adorable, and Lola loves her fruits and veggies.


I made Jimmy’s brother a chocolate chip cookie cake because he helped me with a school project. Hopefully he forgives me for my terrible piping skills!


My dad and I went on a father-daughter date to Monterey Bay Fish Grotto on Friday. We shared a delicious appetizer of grilled tuna, salmon, and swordfish on top of a chili mayonnaise sauce.

The best part of our date wasn’t the amazing food, it was when my dad went to the bathroom and came back with like five paper towels stuffed in his pocket exclaiming that they were “so cool!” because they had fish on them. I love my dad.


I’m really lovin’ Galatians 6:9. I keep this picture hanging on my mirror as a daily reminder to never give up!


I hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. Who cares what it looks like, ITS A COOKIE CAKE! If someone made one of those things for me, I would love them until I died haha

  2. I still have not made your cornbread and I really need to do it ASAP. And I don’t believe he’ll care about your piping skills because, well, IT’S COOKIE CAKE and it’s delicious. 😉

  3. I know how much you like corn bread so whenever you post a recipe, let alone your favorite I get a little bit excited (or a lot ha). Anyways all your baking looks amazing despite what you say LOL

  4. I think the cake looks awesome and if it tastes good who cares, haha!

    Cornbread is absolutely delicious and i bet it is really good with soup too. We don’t eat soup a whole lot because it’s so warm here.

    Wagon Wheel is a great song, it’s getting a little overplayed on the radio here, though. They play Darius Rucker all the time. He lives here and supposedly he lives in the neighborhood where our group runs are held on Tuesday and Thursday morning, so now every time I go I wonder if I’m running by his house… his other new songs are good too!

  5. Have you listened to the Old Crow Medicine Show version of Wagon Wheel!? That’s my favorite. I can’t get enough of that song. That cookie cake is awesome, and anyone would be lucky to get one! Your cats make me smile, I think it’s a great idea to get that outdoor net!! I would laugh too..but not at you..just at the cats running around in it haha.

  6. Oh my goodness the last time I was given a cookie cake was my senior volleyball game! It reminds me of great memories! Your piping is fantastic for a beginner! (I know, I used to decorate ice cream cakes haha) I made a cookie cake decorated with candy corn for Thanksgiving…lets just say I needed a way to use up my candy corn. It looked like a corn cob threw up on my cookie 😎

  7. I absolutely love that song! I should download it lol.

    I love your cats. They act very similar to my Goose man!

    Are you gonna be participating in Marathon weekend in PIttsburgh?!?!

  8. if your piping skills are terrible, then i don’t even want to know what you would say about mine! actually, for my sons birthday i didn’t even frost the cupcakes just left several frostings out for people to choose & frost themselves 🙂

  9. Haha, that’s too funny about your dad! That’s cool you got to spend some father-daughter time together. And thanks for sharing these recipes! I was cleaning out the cupboards the other day and found some cornmeal. The first thing I thought of was cornbread, so I think I’m going to have to give your recipe a try!

  10. Haha! Your dad is hilarious! I love that he got so excited about the paper towels. 😉 Glad you guys went on a father-daughter date! That’s super cute.

    Also, I know you are down on your piping skills, but I think it looks great! I am definitely not great with piping icing, haha!

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