Really Random + 2 Updates

This post is just straight up randomness. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

IMG_4598See my stomach? That, my friend, is a FOOD BABY. In fact, it’s a Chinese buffet food baby. Possibly the best kind of food baby.

IMG_4599A rock with a smiley face on it in Jimmy’s cup holder? That came from a friend at church. We have too much fun doing weird things. You probably don’t want to know that I sent a video of the rock “dancing” to music to that same friend. I need a life.

sciencecenterJimmy and I visited the Carnegie Science Center this weekend because it was the annual train weekend. Jimmy is really into trains, and I’m really into Jimmy. If he likes trains, I’ll make an effort to enjoy his hobby too 🙂. We also walked aboard a submarine, which was super cool!

IMG_4625My dad is awesome. He went away on a business trip to New York and brought me back two very awesome gifts: maple syrup and blueberry pancake mix. Maybe he wants me to make pancakes for dinner soon? Maybe he just knows how much I love pancakes and maple syrup. Either way, he made my day.

Two Updates:

1. I still don’t have my truck back since the accident. It’s in the repair shop, so hopefully I will get it back this week.

Obligatory photo of my truck in its "golden days" lolz.

Obligatory photo of my truck in its “golden days” lolz.

2. This is hard to admit, but I have been having some tummy troubles again since my stomach infection this summer. The symptoms aren’t as severe as they were before, but I called my doctor and I’m going to get re-tested for the bacteria. I’m praying I don’t have the infection again because that was rough!


That is all of my randomness and updates for now.

Bible verse of the day: Therefore Jesus said again, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.” John 10:7


  1. HAHAHA!!!!! YES!!! Chinese buffet food babies ARE the best kind. I always leave buffets with twins or triplets heehee ;D
    Yay for almost getting your truck back! And I’ll keep your tummy in my prayers, hope it’s just a false alarm, you’ve already been through so much with that infection!

  2. I hope you don’t have the infection again either! That Food Baby is kinda scary, I mean you’re a pretty small girl (like me) so I know how it feels like eating a big meal kinda “shows”, but if you hadn’t said it was a food baby and I didn’t know you (or feel like I know you personally through the blog), I really would’ve thought it was more than a food baby. Keep us posted and hopefully all goes well.

    I hope you get the truck back soon. It takes forever for insurance to pay for repairs so shops can make them. My friend’s car was in the shop for over a month after it was wrecked too, for the same reason.

    1. Yeah… my food babies tend to scare my parents/Jimmy LOL. Jimmy is always like “Put your stomach back in! People are going to think you’re really pregnant!”

  3. #1. I have to agree that Chinese food babies are amazing. #2. I LOVE maple syrup!! #3. That rock is WAY too silly and cute! #4. I’ll be praying about your tummy troubles. No fun!

  4. Oh girl, I hope you are okay! And hopefully you will get your truck back asap! Aaand, I love that your dad brought you back pancake mix and maple syrup! That’s a great dad! 🙂

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