Long time

Hi. Long time, no blog. What’s up with that?!

I have two reasons for my lack of presence in the blog world:

  1. I have been very busy/stressed.
  2. I’ve been making an effort to lessen my social media consumption.

Exhibit A: Jimmy took this picture of me while I was doing homework at his house . I didn’t even know this picture existed until about a week after it was taken (even after I uploaded the pictures from my camera onto my computer..).

I don’t know why I have been letting school stress me out. I know I need to be more balanced with how much work I do each day and what I take on.

I need to take time to enjoy beautiful views on campus.

I had a bad day on Tuesday.

Nothing super bad happened, it was just a bunch of little things that piled up and left me in tears. I got a zero on a homework assignment that I worked really hard on (and my dad even helped me with it!), I had some personal stress going on, I was late for work due to construction traffic, Lola ran away while I was walking her, and I got a homework assignment that I simply didn’t know how to do. I was a mess.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I went to school early (to discuss the zero grade with my teacher), had classes, went home for lunch + a run, went back to school, did homework, went to work and had to stay late to fill out evaluations, and then went home to do more homework. Then I went to bed at 9PM and slept like a baby.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have been busy lately and I have let it effect me in negative ways. I’m putting it out there on the internet so I stay accountable. I may not be able to reduce my stress, but I can handle it in a positive way.


Now for the other reason I haven’t been as active in the blog world (and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.!).I read this book. Wow is all I have to say. I might do a full post on it another time. The gist of the book is that we, as Americans, need to reduce. We just have too much going on! Too many choices, stresses, material possessions, and idols.

It got me thinking about about how I spend too much time staring at my phone instead of paying attention to Jimmy when we hang out. I spend too much time caring about what other people blog about. You made cinnamon peanut butter? Awesome. (Actually… that is really awesome…). Under Armour came out with a new running shirt? I don’t need it. I have 6 new notifications on Facebook? They can wait until after I read my Bible.

I have just been trying to focus on the things in my life that are important and that really matter. I don’t want any “idols” in my life coming before God and His plan for me. This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop reading blogs, delete Facebook and my blog and become a “social monk”, it just means that social media (and other non-important things) won’t come before what really matters. 

I’ve used social media a little less this past week. I have been less attached to my phone. I realized that the world won’t end. I can get more done and truly enjoy my life. I love spending time with this cutie.

I’ve come to enjoy music-free running.

I spent time with my brother when he came home last weekend. I always miss him!


So, that’s the big update. I’ve been unnecessarily stressed and I’m working on it. Just an honest statement there! I’m also trying to lessen my social media consumption and enjoy the important things in life.

How do you deal with stress?


Bible verse of the day: Those who cling to worthless idols
    turn away from God’s love for them. Jonah 2:8


  1. I like your post today. I need to reduce my social media consumption as well. I mean, I’m already in front of a computer 8 hours a day for work, no need to be here all the time. No need to check every new notification on facebook or refresh my email every few minutes just to delete more junk (out of 50 emails I might have 2 that are legit… hehe).

    Sorry about your week at school being so crazy and the homework woes. Don’t stress too much over it, it’s just one assignment, for one class, out of your whole college career… which is only a few years of your life (well, hopefully! My husband went back!). It’s really not worth it in the long run. But, I know I was the same way and how hard it is to not stress!

  2. I’m sorry about the bad day, girl. That’s rough. 😦 I’m glad you are looking at the positives, though!

    And i haven’t read that book before, but I have heard a lot about it. I think the premise of it is exactly right. We are way too busy and have way too many choices. Simplicity is a blessing for sure. Glad you are doing well, girl!

  3. I feel ya! With the semester picking up, I’ve started to notice a little too much stress creeping in! Awesome though that you’ve decided to lessen the social media! I should take a lesson from you!

  4. I’m sorry you had a rough week. It sounds, however, that you are in a very logical and healthy perspective now and you are seeing things a bit more clearly. Not to diminish your stresses by any means (they are there, I’m sure!) but I just think you are handling it with such maturity. Keep being reflective and it will all work out. Cheers friend!
    PS – Now I want to read that book!

  5. I’m so glad to hear that you’re not treating this blog as an obligation – you should post as frequently or infrequently as you wish. We have enough sources of stress in our daily lives!

    That book sounds really interesting. I’m a very strong believer in simplifying material possessions – I try to find happiness in experiences and in company, NOT in objects.

    Have a wonderful week, Allie!

  6. Aw, I’m sorry to hear about all the stresses in your life – I certainly hope things get better! 🙂 But on a brighter note, (and I hope this brightens your day) you are actually the winner for my blog giveaway! So I hope that makes things a bit better 🙂

  7. I’m sorry to hear about all the stress and can totally relate. I normally get the most stressed out when a bunch of little things pile up leaving me tired, upset and grumpy. Have a great week girl!

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