Recent Eats

First things first in the foodie department: I finally put up my recipe for mac & cheese! Also, I have another recipe soon to come. Here’s a sneak preview:It involves cornflakes and peanut butter. Can’t go wrong with that combo!

Now for the recent eats:

Microwave popcorn

Luna bar & Italian bread with peanut butter

An apple with peanut butter

Hard boiled eggs. These we a snack before I taught Spinning the other night.

A severely under-cooked microwave corn muffin for one. I love dough.

Blackened tofu

A de-constructed stir fry dinner

Chicken Alfredo at Eat n Park

Steak salad topped with red peppers and onions from a local cafe

Salmon salad, also from a local cafe

Salsa chicken. This was almost a disaster. I was going to use my family’s outdoor grill for the first time but it ran out of gas… after I pull all the raw chicken on the grill. George Foreman saved the day though!

Lots of drinks. I’m always thirsty.

Coffee and my Bible. My favorite way to start the day.

Iced coffee and my Bible. My other favorite way to start the day 😉


Bible verse of the day:Zephaniah 3:17


I’m just hanging around my house today (for the most part..) and then teaching Spinning tonight at 4:30 and 7:15. Hope you have a great day!

What’s the best thing you’ve ate lately?


  1. Dang everything looks so good– that salmon, the stir fry, and of course that new mystery corn flake pb concoction! Can’t wait for that recipe 🙂
    Have fun teaching spin tonight!!

  2. Aw, everything looks so good! I am interested in this salsa chicken…how do you make that?

    Also, all of those coffee drinks make me crave one right now! I’m hoping to pick up a coffee or two today!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hey Laura,

      For the chicken I brushed it with olive oil and then rubbed it with Mexican spices like cumin, chili powder, and black pepper before I grilled it. I then cooked a jar of salsa on the stove and dipped the chicken in it when everything was cooked!

      Enjoy your coffee today, I hope your tummy is feeling okay!! <33

      1. Mmm that sounds really good and so simple to make, too! Thanks for the recipe!

        Thanks! It has been feeling a little better lately! Thanks again for praying! ❤

        Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  3. amazing! love it all! grilled chicken and salmon are my favorite spring time eats!!! the new recipe looks delish as well! you always make me hungry, Allie 🙂

  4. Everything looks really delicious! The best thing I’ve eaten lately was Mexican food on Saturday after Clay’s graduation. It was a really good taco salad :).

  5. Peanut butter and cornflakes?? I’m intrigued. And also–you just made me decided on my afternoon snack–popcorn! I’ve somehow gone almost a week without, and that’s just not okay with me ;D

  6. Loved all the food pictures, some of them are what I ate:) The best thing I have eaten lately, hmmmm this is hard!!! I guess luna bars lol! Nice blog post by the way!:)

  7. So many good eats!! I love those Bible verses by the way. Congratulations on being done with school. Enjoy your break, you totally deserve it. I am definitely going to check out your Mac and Cheese recipe!

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