Recent eats

First, some of my favorite scriptures that I have hanging around my bedroom. 

I love having encouraging Bible verses around me!



Peanut butter and jelly has been making a daily appearance in my life lately.

I wish I had the money to have Starbucks make a daily appearance in my life ;). I was sipping on a soy peppermint mocha with chocolate on top!I love the cups. So cute.

I took my little sister to get her nails done and ate peanut butter while I was waiting. I might have gotten a few strange looks.

Juice!! Love the flavors of oranges, peaches, and mango together.

Whole wheat blueberry muffins. I think I like blueberry muffins with white flour better :p.

I saw this on Facebook the other day and I was cracking up.

On Sunday night a mom from my church said she was creeping on my blog so I just wanted to say Hi Mrs. Neely!!! 


Okay, I’m off to school and then a job fair! I’m hoping to talk to people from a local country club.

Have a great day!



  1. I love the crazy cat pics like that.

    I’ve never had a single serve packet of peanut butter, but I have seen them at Walmart. I tend to just buy the whole jar and eat it straight out of the jar, too.

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