Advice from Pinterest

I found this on Pinterest this morning:

I often have count downs for things (like holidays, etc.) and I find myself thinking about one big event in the future instead of enjoying each day as it comes. This is something I am going to be working on.


Today I am back at school (ugh) and my family is coming home. I haven’t seen my parents and sister since Wednesday afternoon- the house has been quiet and my dog has been bad.

Lola’s mischief:

-Wednesday: Lola got into the trash in my parent’s office downstairs and ripped apart papers. Not too bad.

-Thursday: Lola jumped up to the kitchen table after Thanksgiving dinner and pulled down the pan that held the turkey carcass and juices. Fun times.

-Friday: Lola puked all over the living room in front of me and Jimmy. Gross times.

-Saturday: Lola got into the garbage in the kitchen.

-Sunday: Lola ate a full 25oz bag of treats while I was at church. Then she had diarrhea.

-Monday: That is today…. I hope she doesn’t do anything!  


I’m in computer class right now… I should probably pay attention.

Bye 🙂

Have a great Monday! 


  1. Ooh looks like Lola may be getting coal in her stocking this Christmas haha 😉 I bet you can’t wait to see your family!
    I tend to focus on the future a lot too–always having to be reminded to enjoy the present. Thanks for sharing that pic!

  2. I just started counting down the days til Christmas, but there are so many little things along the way to enjoy, and without them the holiday season wouldn’t be the same! Cookie baking, Christmas shopping, parties, and singing songs. The little things ate just as important as the big day!

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