Advice from Pinterest

I found this on Pinterest this morning:

I often have count downs for things (like holidays, etc.) and I find myself thinking about one big event in the future instead of enjoying each day as it comes. This is something I am going to be working on.


Today I am back at school (ugh) and my family is coming home. I haven’t seen my parents and sister since Wednesday afternoon- the house has been quiet and my dog has been bad.

Lola’s mischief:

-Wednesday: Lola got into the trash in my parent’s office downstairs and ripped apart papers. Not too bad.

-Thursday: Lola jumped up to the kitchen table after Thanksgiving dinner and pulled down the pan that held the turkey carcass and juices. Fun times.

-Friday: Lola puked all over the living room in front of me and Jimmy. Gross times.

-Saturday: Lola got into the garbage in the kitchen.

-Sunday: Lola ate a full 25oz bag of treats while I was at church. Then she had diarrhea.

-Monday: That is today…. I hope she doesn’t do anything!  


I’m in computer class right now… I should probably pay attention.

Bye 🙂

Have a great Monday!