6 ingredient leftover soup

I’m pretty sure one of the best aspects of Thanksgiving is the abundance of leftovers. Since Thursday I have had countless plates of “Thanksgiving dinner” all over again. I’m not sick of turkey yet!

It can get boring to eat the same dinner over and over again, so I made a simple soup out of leftover turkey.

Leftover Turkey Soup

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 onion, chopped

4 stalks celery, chopped

3 carrots, sliced

6 cups chicken broth

2 cups turkey breast

Directions: Saute the vegetables in a pan in the olive oil until soft and add pinch of salt and pepper. Pour  the broth into the pan and add the turkey. Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 1 hour.


Enjoy with other leftovers, like mashed potatoes + gravy!


I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I went to church this morning and now I’m working on homework (I go back to school tomorrow). I might go bowling later with Jimmy or walk Lola, though it is raining out-ugh.

Do you love leftovers? Do you do anything fun with them?!


  1. mmmmmmmmmm the Boys mom is making turkey soup too! and i have a ton of turkey also, so I’m thinking about it as well!

    today we had turkey wraps and sammys! 😀

    happy week Allie!! 😀

  2. I may like Thanksgiving leftovers even more than Thanksgiving dinner (and may have posted a little about my leftovers as well 😀 ). I love simple soups, they are such a great winter and post-holiday food.

  3. I made a turkey and mushroom Thai curry out of the leftover turkey. And a soup but that’s not as exciting as the curry.

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