Eats and an oldish workout

Hey there. I feel like, besides Thanksgiving, I haven’t posted any delicious eats in a while. That needs to change. Now!

White bean chicken chili (The recipe is on my recipe page!) This is one of my big brother’s favorite soups. He likes to put an insane amount of red pepper flakes and ground red pepper in it. Then his sinuses drain. Very interesting.

Everything bagel + cream cheese. Great for the breath 😉

*Now that I look through my pictures, I though I had more photos of food, but I don’t… so that is all I have!*


I do have other pictures to share though:

Lily sleeping on my bed on Thanksgiving. She looked so peaceful!

Jimmy and I on Thanksgiving, I love him <3333

Lovely notes in microbiology. I was learning about malaria!


My sister was away with my parents in NY for five days and on Sunday I didn’t have anything to wear to church. So I borrowed one of Hannah’s dresses. What is funny is that she wore the dress last week at church and no one noticed that I re-wore it 😉 #winning. 

Now that I look at it.. the dress is kind of short on me :/. I’ll just have to look through her closet for other ones next time, muhahah! 


Yesterday I did an old-ish workout. I have been doing a lot of the same workouts lately (running & swimming & some lifting) and I’m getting a little bored. So I decided to whip out an oldie but goodie: P90x! I did a lot of P90x after I “retired” from competitive swimming in March. It has helped tremendously with the amount of pull ups I can do!

As I am writing this blog post, it is still Monday night (the same day I did p90x), so I’ll let you know how sore I am next time I post :p. I’ve also been to a few spinning classes lately to switch things up!


Well, I should probably get back to studying. Or eating pumpkin pie. Or both. In bed. With my heating blanket on.


Have a great day!



  1. Haha those micro bio notes 😉 I’ll be sure to remember that useful tidbit when I’m taking that class next semester hahaha
    And that picture of lily all snuggled up in your bed is so cute!!

  2. I haven’t done P90X in forever either, might be about time to give it another go, but oh, Tony Horton, how your chatter annoys me…

    Cute dress! And everything bagels are the BEST bagels, breath-effects aside.

  3. HAHA random funny stuff like what you wrote in your notes in Micro is seriously what has allowed me to get such decent grades all my life. I don’t have a great memory…but if I have some weird connection like that I’ll remember every tidbit. haha!

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