Harvest Moon Run

Howdy! Time for a race recap. I have to be brief because I have a microbiology exam in a few hours. EEK.

The race was on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and it was about 40* outside. Brrr. The elevation and hills were crazy! (You can see the elevation chart on the race logo above.)

I did the 10 mile race with my boyfriend’s uncle and my little sister did the 5k.

Hannah is rubbing her face and I am looking to the left. Cute.

I over dressed way too much! I was so hot by the 3 mile mark that I took off my gloves, ear warmer, and unzipped my jacket. You live and learn.

Because the race was not even a mile from the Pittsburgh Airport, I had fun watching planes land and take off the whole time! I also listened to people talking because I was by myself for most of the race.

Hannah finished the 5k and got 3rd in her age group. WOOOOT!

After surfacing from a giant hill, I finished and placed 1st in my age group (4th woman overall) for the 10- miler.

Distance= 10 miles Chip time= 1:20:48 Pace= 8:05

My GPS distance= 10.21 miles time= 1:20:50 Pace= 7:55


I will admit that when I signed up for the race I was mostly excited to learn that warm apple crisp would be served afterwards. SCORE.Β 

Jimmy came to watch and cheer us on as well… thank you Jimmy ❀


Off to tackle this microbiology test.. happy Monday!


  1. Good job to you and Hannah! That is an awesome pace! Kudos to you for running that fast in the cold. I have such a hard time in cold air!

  2. Overdressing is sooooo easy to do. It doesn’t take long to warm up! Great race, allie! Thats a good 10 mile time and fantastic placement on a tough course!!

    best wishes on your exam….not coveting that AT ALL.

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