A day in my life

Anytime someone posts about “a day in my life” I always love reading it. I am generally interested in other people’s lives and activities! (Or by Pittsburgh standards I am “nebby”) I figured it would be fun to post my own!

Here is a typical Wednesday for me!

5:15AM– Wake up and eat a bowl of cereal + cup of coffee

My hair generally looks something like one of these pictures…

5:35AM – Drive to local gym

6:00AM7:00AM Swim and/or lift weights

8:00AM – 10:30AM Eat an apple with peanut butter, have more coffee, and a protein shake. Read my Bible, pack my lunch for school and pack up my school stuff or finish last minute studying.

^Protein shake

Apple w/ pb!

Off to classes!

10:30-10:50 – Drive to campus and park

11:00-11:50 Computer class

12:00-1:00PM – Lunch + library to do homework/study!

I usually tame my hair by this time.

1:00-1:50 Economics

2:00-3:15 – Microbiology

3:30-4:45PM – News writing

5:00-6:00PM – Drive home and feast on dinner

6:00-6:30 – Walk Lola

7:00-720PM– Drive to church for Wednesday Bible study

7:30-8:30PM – Church!

8:30-9:45PM – Starbucks with Jimmy to do our own little Bible study as a couple

10:00PM – Hit the hay!


So there is your little sneak peek to a day in my life!



  1. Wow lots of different activities! You wake up at 5:15?? If I really want to include exercise time in my life I would probably need to wake up before kids wake up…but 5:15 is so early! Wow! I nowadays go to sleep at 2am after working on my blog. That means when I go sleep you wake up… I can do morning call for you. lol. =)

  2. I love learning about your day! But wow – waking up at 5.15! And I thought I am waking up early (5.45) 😀

  3. 5:15 is so hardcore, along with managing two Bible studies on Wednesday. Pretty sure after working out + classes I’d just go home and pass out.

    That starbucks picture is so, so tempting right now.

  4. I hear ya with the early mornings my girl, not fun but gets the job done? Ha! I love day in the life posts, so fun to learn about other bloggers daily and/or hourly adventures!

    Ahhh good old apple+peanut butter ♥

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