Awesome Oreo’s

Happy Monday folks! Okay, maybe not so happy but my plan is to just get through today. I was up around 5:15 and in the pool by 6:00am. I start classes at 11 and end classes at 5pm. It is going to be a LONG day for me!

I just want to quickly share two pictures. First of all, Halloween Oreos are back! Goooooo Orange!!!


Also, how cool is this…

My little sister brought this gem home on Friday. It is a Oreo baked into a chocolate chip cookie! This blew my mind hahaha.

Okay, I’m off to school!

What food blows your mind?
Do you like Oreos?



  1. That looks amazing and probably just caused a couple of heart attacks. I love when people invent stuff like that. I love holiday oreos. So much fun!!

  2. Wow, that Oreo covered cookie looks…..dangerous ! Speaking of which, a speciality in Scotland is a deep fried mars bars. A mars bar covered in batter and then deep fried. It’s supposed to be nice but I’m just not sure…

  3. Oh my gosh, honestly I love oreos but they were a staple in my former fat days… so I try to avoid to pull away from any terrible memories and what not haha however…. those oreo in chocolatechip cookies look like

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