Howdy! Happy Sunday.

Yesterday I said I wasn’t feeling too dandy. Jimmy and I did end up taking Lola to a park… well it was more like a trail.

She got to ride in the back of my truck!

Lola was kind of bad on the trail. She got so excited that she pulled Jimmy down a hill. (hahaha…) and she almost pulled me in a creek! I walk her every day but each time she gets a walk she acts like she has never been outside before.

I was kind of dumb to let Lola go in the creek because she got her belly all muddy and then went back into my truck. I guess I had a blonde moment?!

Anyways. After the little jaunt on the trail I still wasn’t feeling good. I had a head ache and I was still feeling itchy.

When we got home I decided to take some dayquill. Except their wasn’t any dayquill.

So I took children’s benadryl. Then I died.

I fell asleep and had some strange dreams. Jimmy decided he wanted to go on our trampoline and I felt really dizzy. I went to bed at a normal hour 10:00PM, I believe. And I slept so hard the whole night. Now i’m awake and alive.

Two words to describe that experience: Never. Again.Ā 

At least Lola had a good day!


I’m off to get ready for church and then i’m going to visit my grandparents (about an hour away) and have lunch with them. Have a great day!

Have you ever had any wacko drug experiences?



  1. Hahahah oh dear thats no good!! With all my head stuff one dr thought maybe I still have head aches because my sleep pattern was all off…so he put me on a sleeping pill…it did the reverse effect haha. Instead of knocking me out, my heart rate sped up and I was so anxious!! I really hate taking medicine in general so I really can’t tell you the last time I took dayquil or benedryal or anything!!

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Aww Lola looks like she had so much fun! Sorry to hear about your benadryl experience, yuck. I always get super dizzy and feel like I’m high whenever I take sudafed, it is so creepy! šŸ˜›

  3. Benadryl makes me so tired. I can only take it when I seriously need it – like breaking out in hives – or it’s not worth it! I don’t remember having strange dreams though.

  4. Benadryl is hit or miss for me. Sometime I’ll take it and have the best night’s sleep EVER, and sometimes I’ll feel like I’m tripping out and have insane dreams and wake up every half hour.

  5. I HATE benadryl! hate hate hate. Apparently some people can take it and then stay awake and be fine?? Not me. It knocks me the F out, makes my ears hurt, and makes me have super strange dreams. I despise it.

  6. I get headaches a lot, too, so I feel for ya! When they get REALLY bad, I hafta take my “knock-out” drugs. They make me sleepy, weepy, giddy, confused and generally not able to be ANYWHERE but home! They DO take care of the pain, tho!

    I AM glad you are feeling better, too. I hope your sunday is Glorious!

  7. Haha, I love that both of us talked about sleeping pills this weekend. My experience wasn’t trippy, but I think I took a really mild form. Benadryl is hardcore! It makes me wonder if we should be giving it to little kids.

    I hope you are feeling better today!

  8. When I got my wisdom teeth out, I couldn’t be under general anaesthetic (because of ED-related heart/blood pressure issues), so I had local anaesthetic and just a little of the “happy” drugs. I could see and hear everything and I kept trying to talk to the dentists. I don’t really remember it well, but they said I was the funniest patient they ever had…

  9. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling the best! That trail is gorgeous though!

    I remember once feeling really dizzy and nauseous and almost fainted when I took codeine after having my widom teeth out – it was horrible!!!

  10. Dude. I have such trouble sleeping that I’ll take two benadryl. No crazy dreams, just deep deep sleep. My husband says it’s a dumb thing to do, though, so I may have to find another cure for my insomnia. Yoga?

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