What comes first

Hey there 🙂

Well well well, school has been in session for a week now and I am already up to my eyeballs in school work + reading! So, let me be honest for a moment here. I kind of made a realization. Because I’m not doing a sport for college and i’m currently not working (ugh!!!) my grades better show that I have made the best of having more free time. 

So I have been really, really working hard at doing all of my assigned readings, homework, and papers. I don’t think I have ever been JUST a student. I have always played a sport and worked or at least just played a sport or just worked. I feel a little lost!

It is strange to have some free time. Jimmy and I went to a fair on Friday night.

We spent about an hour in traffic and I had to pee. SO BAD! But luckily we made it. I always go straight to see the livestock at fair’s. I tried to pet every single goat, sheep, and horse.

Today i’m going to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and I am excited! Life is quite full and busy right now. I’ll still be stalking blogs and commenting and posting but maybe a little less frequently.

If you need to find me… i’ll probably be in the library studying because school is going to come first. 

Have you ever “lost” your identity? How did you deal?!

Also: I was thinking about doing a half marathon on September 10th. Should I rest my knee and train for a half in the winter or give the September half a go?!



  1. Enjoy your free time girl, it won´t last forever 🙂 The Rainessance Fair sounds really interesting, I am so into this kind of stuff! About the half marathon – depends on how your knee feels and how you feel about running such a long distance. Listen to your body language 🙂

  2. Ooo, if it were me, I would give the knee a rest! Especially since sept 10th is so soon! But it is totally up to you!

    Oh my goodness, cute little boots! Those are perfect for a fair! I’m so glad you and Jimmy had a good time!

    That sounds like a great plan to focus more on school!

    I felt like I lost my identity after I graduated college. I graduated with my 4 year degree in 2.5 years and then the economy crashed and there were no jobs. I worked other jobs, but didn’t get a design job until 10 months later! I kept asking myself why i tried to graduate so fast, and thought that maybe I didn’t even like design. Ah! It wasn’t a fun place, but I learned so much and actually really enjoyed the jobs that were not related to my career!

    I hope you have an awesome semester, chica!

  3. I always have to pee when I’m stuck in traffic! The worst, hahaha.

    There’s definitely a weird thing that happens to me: when I have more responsibilities, I actually manage my time better and get more done. When I only have a few things to do, I get lazy. Just set a schedule, try to stick to it, but be flexible 🙂

    As for losing my identity, I am in the opposite boat. I have never NOT been a student until now! Still trying to wrap my mind around being a “working girl.”

  4. Sounds like you’re having a blast! Yay for fairs and fluffy animals!
    And I think it’s great you’re letting school come first, so worth it 🙂 I’d say let your knee rest until winter, that’s just me though haha
    I lost my identity when I took last semester off, I’m so used to studying and being a student so I had nooo clue what to do with free time on my hands!
    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  5. Love it. Free time is amazing. When I went to college I considered running cross country and even tried out, but I made a realization that for once in my life I wanted to just be a student. And trust me…it was the best decision I have ever made.

    I am also thinking about doing a half this fall too! Maybe we’ll see each other 😉

  6. I do actually have a problem with that once swimming was over for school. I have from about Feb to March to essentally do my own thing. I never know exactly what to do or think and it is kind of weird. I don’t work when I go to school because I have enough on my plate already sadly.

  7. Girl I feel you 100%, but once you get used to having free time and not stressing over “not doing enough” you’ll end up loving it. Maybe there’s something else in the big plan for you that requires you to be at home for now. Like maybe a new hobby or a new job or something else exciting?! Keep making the most of it and focusing on school! 😀

  8. You’ll get used to the free time and you’ll find something else to do to fill it, trust me. Just because you’re not a worker or an athlete, you’re still Allie, there’s more to you than that, and I’m sure something new to do will come along.

    I would probably rest the knee and not do a half right away… 13.1 miles and training for that is pretty tough. But I think doing races like 5Ks, 10Ks, that might really help you pass the time and also maybe get back to doing a half in a couple months?

  9. The trail half? I just saw that when I was looking for races. I am trying to get my husband to run it but he is not a morning person AT ALL. I wish they allowed jogging strollers or I would be there. It’s a tough one because there aren’t a lot of races after that until next ear (the half distance)…. if your knee feels good. I would go for it. Plus, you can rest a ton afterward.

  10. good for you for putting school first! I am focusing on doing the same thing. I already have a ton of homework, too, geeze!! Welcome to college life, huh?! good luck with everything girl!

  11. Ahh this sounds exactly like my last semester when I was at uni (a loong time ago now lol). I just tried to remind myself that it was only for 5 months – and then after that – I could play sport and have my hobbies back as much as I liked!

  12. Love your boots – so cute! I know you must think that if I am not working or doing a sport, I better be getting good grades and this should be the case – to a certain extent. Don’t over stress yourself if you are not getting all a’s…college is hard. You also have to make sure you do have free time to really enjoy being young because as we all know, it won’t last forever 😦

  13. Before getting to my current univeristy, I had never not played a sport. It was different and I missed the team camraderie…but very liberating because I joined many clubs 🙂 Have fun doing other stuff!

  14. I love Ren festivals! There better be some pictures involved 😀 And I love your fair outfit, haha–so appropriate. And GREAT goal. While grades aren’t everything (gotta live life a little in the meantime), focusing on studies is so rewarding, so good luck with all of that!

  15. I say listen to your body and do the half marathon that feels right for you. I so wish we had a state fair near by! When we used to live back in Minnesota, we loved going to the MN State Fair every few years! I also love seeing all the animals but hate the way it smells! Looks like you had a great weekend!!!

  16. After I graduated college I (we) lose the identity of “student” — it is quite the experience just you wait.

    You come home from work and….well…there is no “studying:” to be done. I realized how easily entertained I was when I was procrastinating studying. When there was nothing “looming” to avoid doing I was very…bored.

  17. It will pay off big time (the no job or sports). You have your whole life to work and workout, I think it is great that you’re focussing on what matters NOW in order to get where you want in the future. The fair is amazing yay fun times! And your hair is so gorgeous, are the ringlets natural?! 😮

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