It doesn’t feel like spring in Pittsburgh right now! Brrr, snow and 30* = not cool.

But I kept cool with another smoothie:


Also coffee + Bible study with Jimmy!!! We are studying Ecclesiastes right now.

Mocha frap and vanilla latte ❀

I bought tart cherry juice because I heard it is super good for your joints. It is TAAARRRRTTT.

Okay. I am trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs but it is super hard with school work. I should be commenting today/tonight πŸ™‚

Love you guys <33333



  1. I loveee smoothies! I’ve been making my “green monster” almost daily in hopes of wishful thinking for warm weather haha…no luck so far :/

    I know schools picking up its def harder to blog stalk all my favs!! I usually go early morning now hahah but sometimes people havent posted yet! whoops!

  2. Seriously what is up with this weather? Me no like.

    Don’t stress about blogging/commenting/reading. It’s hard, but I’ve learned that it’s just easier when you don’t feel obligated. Some days I read, some days I don’t, some days I read and don’t comment, etc. Just do you girl, and good luck with that school work!

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