My life in 30 days, day 26

My life in 30 days, day 26 = A picture of something that means a lot to you

Let’s see if you can guess from these pictures 😉

Hmm, have you guessed it yet?!

Something that means a lot to me is cooking and baking.

I just really love to cook a meal for others and myself, I enjoy sitting down and eating that meal and knowing that I made it with love and care for everyone eating it. I love to talk about the flavors, ingredients, tastes, and textures of the food I cook. The act of cooking itself makes me happy; it is therapeutic to chop vegetables and brown meat. Nothing is as good as stirring a pot of warm soup.

Baking makes me immensely happy as well. I enjoy the excitement of find a new recipe, softening a stick of butter, cracking eggs, stirring, mixing, pouring. Then I can’t stop looking in the oven to see what the cookies, pie, muffins, or cake looks like.

I could go on and on. I might not be the best cook or baker but I can tell you that I try my best and make everything with love 🙂

What means a lot to you?



  1. Hmm, good thing you told us because I really couldn’t tell by the pictures. 😉

    Cooking and baking means a lot to me too and I don’t understand how some people don’t like it. Seriously, it blows my mind that some people find it tedious or boring because I adore it! Crazy people.

    PS. I love the picture of you going to cut the pepper.. haha. Every time I go look at it I can’t help laughing! xD

  2. Hmmm, it looks as though you’ve been baking some good treats!! 🙂 Writing means a lot to me… as does music. And I do love baking too, although I’m not sure that my creations always come out as pretty as yours. 😉

  3. Spending time with my family means a lot to me, and I also enjoy exercising and working with small children (elementary age and younger 🙂 I also enjoy eating my daughter’s delicious food (I think I’ve tried just about everything in all the pictures shown :)))))
    Love you Allie,

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