Cooking with coconut

I went to the grocery store last week and saw it. The coconut milk. It is one of those things I always look at and think about cooking with, but never buy. I finally decided to buy it and cook with it!

It’s no secret in my house that I adore curry. Pretty much no one else does. Fine, more for me ;). I decided to make coconut -curried chicken and vegetables for dinner.

I popped open a can of coconut milk and got to work. First, I marinated the chicken for an hour with olive oil, curry, lime juice, garlic powder, and coconut milk. After marinating, I plopped the chicken in a hot skillet and cooked it in more coconut milk.

I cooked the chicken for 6 minutes on both sides.

Then I put peas, onions, and green peppers into the pan to saute with with…more coconut milk lolz.

The chicken came out nicely and the veggies were creamy.


I will have the recipe for this and stuffed cabbage (from my last post) up shortly.

Other than some easy peasy cooking, my life has been filled with relaxing with animals.

My baby girl Lola was all curled up on the couch^

Jimmy’s dog, Tobi, kept my lap warm.

“The girls” Callie and Lily.

Just for giggles, Jimmy and I went to a pet store recently to browse around. We saw a cage full of cute pups.


Okay, that is all I have for today.

After church Jimmy and I are going out to eat and bowling with friends. Yay 🙂


Have you ever cooked with coconut milk? (any recipe recommendations?!)

What are you up to today?

Can you handle the pork?!

2 inch thick pork loin stuffed with fresh bread crumbs, parsley, garlic, and thyme.

Some veggies on the side too 😉

(Ignore my no make up at all face, LOL)

Has anybody seen a slab of pork bigger than these?! (Besides the Neely’s from Food Network…)

Yesterday Jimmy’s Dad and I created a scrumptious dinner! He picked out the recipe and provided the meat + peeled the potatoes and carrots. I created the bread crumb stuffing, cut the veggies, stuffed the pork, whipped up some gravy, and created a salad.

We made pork. And it was good.

What is your take on pork? I know a lot of people don’t eat it because of its sodium or fat content. I don’t typically like the specific taste of pork, but with gravy, ketchup, or mustard, it’s allll goood 😉

Bible Verse of the day:

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5

I also promised pictures of the snow storm from Thursday night onto Friday morning. I had an enjoyable time driving to school :

I put my 4 wheel drive in and still slid all over, way to get the adrenaline rushing early in the morning! Woo!

My farmers almanac predicted the storm

The Farmers Almanac is almost always right

Yes.. I am 18 years old and I read the Old Farmers Almanac

Do you own a copy?!


Have a great day!