Stress Update

As I mentioned in September, I’ve been dealing with a lot of school-related stress. I promised to provide updates, so that’s what this post is all about.

I know a lot of people think that college students “have it easy” (and I will admit that I have a pretty sweet schedule), but I’ve been immersed in an extra busy semester.

I’m taking some tough courses–senior research project and mass media law are especially challenging–and also balancing the position of editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, working, planning mine and Jimmy’s wedding, and keeping up with life in general. It’s a lot, and sometimes I feel really overwhelmed, but I’m also enjoying all the different activities I’ve been involved in.

I’d like to say that I’m feeling much less stressed, but I’m not. I’m still overwhelmed and busy, but I’m learning to deal with it and maintain balance in my life.


Of course, Jimmy has been so good to me. He had flowers delivered to my door yesterday.


The note card that came with the flowers said sweet things like “I’ve been praying for you daily,” and “I know you think you don’t like flowers, but I think you secretly do because I saw you looking at them in Wal-Mart this weekend!!” That definitely made me smile. He is such a blessing in my life!

The good thing about being so busy is that the semester is flying by. I’m currently finishing up week 10 out of 15. Yahoo!

Something that’s been helping me deal with stress is taking time to do things I love. I recently bought a sketch book, and while I’m no artist, I truly enjoy drawing and coloring.


Drawing makes me “zone out” and forget about everything. It’s so relaxing. I’m also making sure to stay extra close with God. And drinking a lot of coffee 🙂

So, that’s my update. I’m still feeling stressed out, but I’m also loving pretty much everything in my life at the same time! I’m incredibly blessed, and so thankful for all the opportunities and loving people in my life.

I will probably post another update on this topic in late November/early December because I think it’s important to address personal issues and not make it seem as though my life is perfect, or that I handle everything easily. I’m all about honesty and sharing, as I think it opens the door for others to share and support each other, and that’s something I absolutely adore about the blogging community!

What relaxes you when you’re stressed out?

Hopefully less stressful!

In August, the same day the fall semester started for Penn State, I scheduled my classes.

That was such a stressful day! I moved out of Seton Hill on Sunday, and the next day I had to drive back to return my room key, fancy iPad, and books. Then I drove to Penn State and re-enrolled, quickly scheduled what ever I could that was left,  bought my books, and somehow made it to two classes. I had been enrolled at two colleges in the same day.

I ended up getting an interesting schedule.

At first, I thought that the times/days of my schedule would be hard, but I quickly adjusted. What was hard was the actual classes.

Why did I schedule economics, microbiology, rhetoric, a computer class, and news writing all in the same semester?! I had no choice because I scheduled so late. From late August until still today, I have been working my butt off just to keep up with most of my classes.

I thought that microbiology would be insanely hard. I eneded up LOVING it!

I thought the computer class and economics would be managable. I was wrong.

News writing and rhetoric kept me busy with so many homework assignemnts.

As the semester wore on, I began to feel bad for Jimmy, my family, and friends. I spent so many weekends trying to catch up on school work and had little to no time for anything else. When it came time to schedule for this semester, I was determined to make my schedule less stressful.

For the spring semester I scheduled kinesiology, creative writing, an online writing for the web course, Spanish II, and a communications course.


Here is to hoping next semester is less stressful!!


Have you ever had a really bad/hard schedule?!