New Semester

Penn State’s spring semester has begun! I kicked off the second semester of my junior year on Monday. I’ve had to mentally get back into “school mode” and out of “vacation mode” these past few days.

I suddenly have less time to randomly bake batches of white chocolate chip cookies... sad.

I suddenly have less time to randomly bake batches of white chocolate chip cookies… sad.

I’m going to be honest, I always struggle at the beginning of a new semester. I often feel very anxious and overwhelmed. I question whether or not I can handle the courses I have to take and I have a hard time getting into a routine as I adapt to my new schedule.

It’s funny, because a few weeks into classes, I look back and think why was I so worried that I couldn’t do all of this school work? God always carries me through my life, especially times when I am forced to adapt and stretch the limits of my comfort zone.

Here are my courses for this semester:

COMM460W– News reporting
COMM470A– Newspaper production
COMM270– Multimedia production
CAS204– Communication research methods
METEO003– Meteorology

So far, most of my classes are tough. Some are “senior level,” one is a research course, and two involve learning new-to-me software (like DreamWeaver, InDesign CS4, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.).

I’m definitely going to be challenged this semester, but I’m ready to trust God, do my best, and believe in myself and my abilities. 

I've already learned a new word in meteorology ... isopleth!

I’ve already learned a new word in meteorology … isopleth!

On the bright side, spring (and May–the end of the semester) will be here before I know it 😉

Black Friday

No, I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday. I didn’t step foot in a store and I was happy with that. The first and only time I went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving was my senior year of high school and that was enough for me!

I spent Friday not doing much of anything. I went to the gym (it was EMPTY!), had leftovers, studied, walked Lola, went to the grocery store to get toilet paper & eggs, ate more leftovers, and went bowling. It was a good + restful day.

I was honestly nervous to go bowling. Am I the only person who freaks out about random things? I really enjoy bowling, but I was filling in for my little sister on our church league and I felt self conscious because I typically bowl with bumpers and know nothing about the sport.

My scores were: 86, 94, and 84. Embarrassing.

 The lanes had a holiday theme above the pins 🙂


Today is Small Business Saturday! 

I woke up feeling really terrible. I had the worst sinus headache/pressure ever. I took some dayquil, put a hot wash cloth on my face, and drank a bunch of coffee. I’m already feeling better :p.

I think i’m feeling up for a run… we’ll see. Later on I might  be going on a double date in downtown Pittsburgh! Catch ya on the flip side!

What did you do for Black Friday?

Are you going to do any small business shopping today?