Kinzua East KOA

Good For The Soul

I firmly believe that being in nature is good for the soul. So is spending time with family. And not having cell phone service. And camp fires. And laughter. Put all of these together and you have how I spent last weekend in a nutshell.

Couple in the woods

Jimmy, my brother-in-law, sister, and I went camping at the Kinzua East KOA from Thursday to Saturday and it truly was good for my soul. I had spent over a month without a day off of pet sitting and I was beginning to feel burned out and way too busy.

We booked a cute little cabin and spent our time talking around a campfire, cooking, visiting the Kinzua Dam, hiking, boating, and fishing. We also walked on the Kinzua Sky Walk, which is a bridge that partially collapsed in 2003 due to a tornado. You can read more about it here, because whatever I say won’t do it any justice. It was so neat!

Okay, now for some pictures!

Kinzua East KOA CabinHiking trail at Jake's Rock in Kinzua PAHiking downhill at Jake's Rock in Kinzua PAJake's Rock hiking overlook at KinzuaCarp at Kinzua Wolf Run MarinaFishing at KinzuaKinzua Sky WalkKinzua Sky WalkKinzua Sky Walk BridgeFishing at Kinzua

Have you ever been camping?