My life in 30 days, day 21

My life in 30 days, day 21 = A picture of something you wish you could forget

Something I wish I could forget: In late July 2010 my sister and I headed to church camp for one week. By the second morning (think 4 a.m.), Hannah woke me up and said the right side of her tummy hurt.

This worried me.

She always sleeps through the night, like a rock. The whole day she was crying that her stomach hurt and would hardly eat. This also worried me because he has a voracious appetite. I will admit, I love medical stuff–I watch surgery videos on YouTube and look at diagrams of how the body works. I thought it was her appendix or her first menstrual cycle.

My parents decided to pick us up from camp to take Hannah to the doctor and she wanted me by her side (sisterly love!). The doctor sent us straight to the emergency room.

She was admitted to the emergency room at midnight, and by 4:00 a.m. she was in the recovery room.

Her appendix almost burst so it had to be removed ASAP.

Recovery–I hated seeing her like this.

She hated the liquid diet. Except the ice cream.

She still has scars to this day. They are bright purple. I thought Hannah would be self-conscious of them but she was quite excited to show them off at her birthday pool party two weeks later, though she wasn’t allowed to swim because of her stitches.

But she gradually got better as she stayed in the hospital a few days.

Ice cream! I may or may not have ate half of her food while in the hospital.

She walked a little bit but it really wore her out and hurt her sore belly.

So she rested her hospital socked feet, haha. She loved those socks!

Jimmy came to visit a few times as well.

A few days in the hospital = perfect opportunity to color.

Hannah’s favorite stuffed bear, Blueberry, was able to go into surgery with her! They even put a hospital label and bandaid on his belly.

Hannah is very loved. She received lots of gifts and cards and they really helped!

It felt like forever until she was allowed to go home and our whole family couldn’t wait! I started to get to know the cafeteria ladies too, ha.

First thing we did when we got home? We took a shower. Together. Poor thing needed help.

We played board games and even went shopping!

I wish I could forget being so afraid for my sister. What if her appendix had burst and she had died? What would my life be like without her? I wish I could forget those thoughts.

At the same time I am almost glad this happened. I became even closer with one of my best friends, my sister 🙂

What do you wish you could forget?