Best Friend

Wordless Weekend

Empty peanut butter jar 😦 
Jimmy’s dog resting on my legs<3Carrot cake = my favorite
I know this post isn’t wordless… but it has few words! I also know the weekend isn’t over, but I just wanted to share what has been going on so far! Lots of fun times with friends and family + good food + no school. I’m having a good weekend and I hope you are too!

What are you doing/have you done this weekend?!


School stuff

The world’s sin is that it refuses to believe in me. John 16:9


I’m almost all packed up to move in on Sunday!

Here are some snap shots of all of my stuff

Clothes in my laundry basket

School supplies

First aid kit, lysol wipes, etc

Snacks + utensils/plates!

Bedding & towels

Binders + notebooks + folders


I still have more things to pack but just seeing all of this stuff piling up is exciting! I get to start a new chapter in my life and learn at a new college. I’m so blessed to be able to receive an education-I never want to take my circumstances or life for granted!

I do wish I could pack my bff though …. 😉