eat n park

Recent eats

Oh, hey there!


To be honest, I don’t have many “recent eats” pictures. Why? Because I haven’t been taking pictures of my food lately… because I don’t feel like it. Sorry 🙂

Here’s the few food/drink pictures that I have:Iced soy chai latte

Lots of vegetables

Tuna salad with crackers

“Ants on a log” with peanut butter and Nutella!

Kona coffee… From Hawaii!! Jimmy and I have a favorite server at Eat N’ Park. Our favorite server went to Hawaii on vacation and remembered how much we love coffee, so he brought us some back. Made my day.

Seriously… so good.

The other food I have been obsessed with lately?Watermelon! I didn’t have a picture, so I drew one :).


Now, I shall leave you with a picture of Eddie and Lola:*

What’s the best thing you’ve ate lately?
For me, it would have to be dinner from last night: grilled salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, and a big salad with honey mustard dressing 🙂

Half marathon results

On Saturday morning my parents, sister, and I all headed to a local park about 20 minutes from Pittsburgh.

Hannah ran a 5k, my parents walked a 5k, and I ran a half marathon. I ran the same race last year and it was bitter cold. I don’t know why I signed up again for this year, but I did! It was about 40 degrees at the start, so it wasn’t too cold ;].

Hannah and I before the start. Freezing!

About 2,300 other runners were lined up at the start as well. It was a packed race for about two miles but it was fun because people were hollering and joking around the whole time.

I was pretty nervous for the race (because I haven’t been training “hard” the past few weeks) but it went by so fast. I was just super happy to get coffee after the race.

Hannah’s 5k time & place: 28:07 (9:04 pace) – 2nd place in under 15 age group

My half marathon time & place: 1:41:32 (7:44 pace) – 1st place in 15-19 age group

My thoughts:

  • I’m happy with my time. My watch said I ran 13.5 miles (bobbing through the huge crowd) in 1:41, which would put me at a 7:31 pace.
  • I improved my time from last year.. went from a 1:46 to a 1:41. Sweet 🙂
  • I loved running with my little sister for the beginning of the race!
  • The post-race goodies were kinda awesome….

Jimmy came to the race and took me out to eat after (at Eat n’ Park) then we just hung out for the rest of the day because I was sleepy! He helped to pick music for the next spinning class I’m teaching. What a sweetie.


Today I’m headed to church, hanging out, and catching up on homework.

Hope your weekend is going swell!