Alma Mater

This weekend was an Alma Mater kind of weekend. On Friday night, I was back at my old stomping grounds–Penn State–to watch my sister receive an award for achieving a 4.0 GPA. On Saturday night, I went to Jimmy’s old high school to watch a girl from my church compete in gymnastics!

Watching Hannah receive her award and visiting my old college was great. I’m so incredibly proud of Hannah. Seeing my old professors and walking around the halls I spent hours studying in had me feeling a mix of nostalgia and relief. Nostalgia because I can look back on those days and smile. Relief because I’m glad I don’t have homework anymore 😉

Penn State Awards Ceremony Penn State Awards Ceremony

The gymnastics meet was awesome. It was actually the level three states competition! If you’re not familiar with gymnastics lingo, that probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it’s definitely a big deal!

I watched her and her teammates compete, took pictures with my DSLR camera for the parents, and missed the days when I used to do gymnastics! I’d love to get back into it, but I’ve been saying that for years now. Maybe someday 😉

gymnastics meet states

Besides spending time and mine and Jimmy’s respective alma maters, I also reached a whole new level of cat obsession.

Malcolm’s new toy came in the mail, and I filmed him tearing it apart (complete with hardcore background music) to show just how much he loves these bird toys! Lola even made a little appearance since she likes the bird toys, too. Actually, I suspect she just likes to play with Malcolm’s toys because they’re his.

My mom and I also filmed a vlog together earlier in the week. She got a new job with the PA Department of Environmental Protection and had to buy some new work clothes. I helped her pick some outfits out and we had a fun day together. I love filming days like that so I can look back on them!

I also pet sat over the weekend. I took one client’s dog to the pet store just for fun and bought her a treat. That was my wild Saturday afternoon–taking someone else’s dog to the pet store 🙂

Jimmy and I had church on Sunday and were able to grill and eat outside since it was so warm out. I love this season!

How was your weekend?



  1. Looks like a great weekend. I drove by my college on Saturday and realized just how much everything has changed- even just driving by, there are so many new buildings and a new baseball stadium. I need to go back and visit someday and reflect on my time there. I never realized you did gymnastics… I remember you doing swimming and XC though!

    1. Isn’t it crazy how much things change at college campuses?! At mine, they put in a Starbucks coffee bar! What I would have done for that when I went there, hah!!

      Yeah, I did gymnastics in grade school! I miss it a lot 🙂

  2. Wow Malcolm really got after that toy, haha! That’s like Oreo with toys, though. He rips them apart in seconds! Thankfully it’s only the toys he does that too – otherwise our house would be a mess, haha!

    Congrats to your sister and to the girl from your church! How great for both of them! 🙂

    1. He just goes crazy for that toy! And man, Oreo is awesome! I love that he doesn’t rip up the furniture, etc. in your house but gets after his toys. So sweet 🙂

  3. That video is too funny. The title photo of Malcolm just looked like a *cute* little terror what was totally guilty of tearing apart that toy hahaha Congrats to your sister that is so awesome!!!
    xo, JJ

  4. My sister is graduating with her Bachelor’s in two weeks so I can relate with you on having that sisterly pride, haha! I’m probably a tad bit excited about her achievements than she is 😛

    1. Congrats to your sis on her Bachelor’s! I’m totally the same with my sister. I like freak out over her achievements and she’s like “eh, no big deal,” ha!

      1. I did it wayyyy back in the day!!!! I do it for fun now though 😉 DJ’s little sister loves it so I sometimes find my inner child and do cart-wheels and attempted (yet failed) front hand springs in the backyard!

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