Home Alone

Jimmy was away on a guys’ trip to Wisconsin from Thursday until Sunday and man did I miss him! It was my first time being alone in our house overnight and thankfully I was safe and nothing crazy happened.

I felt so loved by the people in my life while my other half was gone. From texts, calls, and spending time with loved ones, I felt cared for physically and emotionally.

On Thursday night, my father-in-law and his girlfriend came over to have dinner with me and keep me, Malcolm, and Lola company. We had a nice time talking, watching Malcolm goof off, and sharing a meal with each other.


Most of Friday was spent with my family. My mom and I worked on wedding and bridal shower things for Hannah’s upcoming big day. We practiced making chocolate covered pretzels as favors for the wedding and they came out great!


We ended up in a craft store late at night and got a little crazy. Dancing, laughing, and trying on bumble bee hats. All signs of a fun time.


I also received a lesson from Hannah on how to take someone’s blood pressure. She’s loving nursing school and had ordered a blood pressure cuff that came in the mail the day I was there. My mom, dad, and I all took turns getting our blood pressure taken.

I didn’t get to hang out with Hannah too long because she had to leave for work. She’s currently working in a urologist’s office!


My mom admitted her deepest darkest secret, which is her addiction to peppermint mocha coffee creamer. We popped into Target at one point in the day and she grabbed a bottle to add to her stash. She’s convinced her favorite flavor isn’t around all year, so she’s become a hoarder 🙂


Saturday was spent soaking up the sun. It was in the 60s in Pittsburgh, so I took Lola and Malcolm for a walk. Lola on her leash and Malcolm in his stroller, of course. I also watched a documentary on female chefs and gender inequality called Hungry. It was very intriguing and eye-opening.

On Sunday morning I went to church and then did some household chores until Jimmy came home in the early evening! He had time for a quick shower, and then we were off to evening church. We spent the whole ride there catching up, and it was amazing to just talk in person.


Being home alone for a few days wasn’t bad at all, but I’m so glad to have Jimmy back!



  1. Clay used to work nightshift, so I was home alone almost every single night for the first year of our marriage. It was definitely an adjustment, but I never felt unsafe or anything (I worked and didn’t get to see him much anyway because he was so busy). I’m glad you had Hannah and your family to keep you company though because sometimes it definitely gets lonely with your significant other gone!

    1. It must have been tough with Clay working the night shift. That definitely would be a tough adjustment! I’m glad things are different for you two now 🙂

      And yes, so thankful for family!! I wasn’t too lonely with them to hang out with!

  2. Yay for Jimmy being back home! There’s a yearly camping trip that all the guys from church go on (they call it Porktober Fest because they go in October and roast a pig that they eat on all weekend – being all manly and stuff). Anyway, I’m always happy for him that he gets to go because I know they all have so much fun, but I’m always SO happy for him to come home. I miss him when he’s gone for sure! So yeah, glad Jimmy is home! 🙂

    Also, those pretzels look great! Well done!

    1. Hahaha, Porktober Fest sounds like fun! Well, fun more so for Christopher, but I know what you mean. I was happy for Jimmy to get away with his friends, but even more happy for him to come home!

  3. Even though you were “by yourself” for a few days, you really weren’t! It’s so nice that your family is around to hang out and be there for you when you need it!

  4. I do enjoy alone-time, but I always miss Nate SO much when he’s away. And I have a hard time sleeping if he has to be away overnight. (He had a bus run the other night that kept him out until almost 4am, and I barely slept at all). I’m so glad that you made the best of your time… and that Jimmy came home safe and sound! 🙂

    1. Alone time is amazing, but it’s always the best to have your man back!

      I had no clue Nate would have to do a bus run that kept him out at crazy hours! He’s such a hard worker!

  5. Aw it’s nice that your family is close by so that you had people to be around while Jimmy was gone. I’m like mentally preparing myself because Andrew has to go away for a week for work and I’m like “noooo I don’t want to be at the place all alone” lol (I’m so dramatic) I mean I know I’ll be fine its just the concept of it, sigh. I just told him that we need to get a dog like this weekend and I’ll be good haha

    xo, JJ

    1. Aww, I’m sorry Andrew has to go away for a week for work! That’s never fun! I know what you mean about knowing that you’ll be fine, but dreading it anyways, haha. Yes, just get a dog and then you’ll have a fur baby to keep you company 😉

  6. Malcolm loves your father-in-law, huh? I remember when he crawled up his shirt in a picture.

    So glad you were well cared for while Jimmy was gone and that the time passed quickly. And I’m so glad he’s home now and all is back to normal. I don’t sleep well when Kevin is gone. I lived alone for years and it was fine, but I think it’s easy to get used to someone being there and then you notice when they’re not.

    1. He really does love my FIL! So funny that they have a cute, playful relationship.

      I know what you mean about being used to having someone with you to sleep with, even after being alone for years. It’s a strange feeling!

  7. I must have missed that Malcolm has a stroller!! HAHA! That is so priceless! What a wonderful invention!

    That’s so sweet you felt so much love while Jimmy was gone. It’s always so strange to me when Will’s gone for the night– It’s almost like I don’t know what to do with myself! Thank God for our furry companions 🙂

    1. Haha, yes, we are the crazy people in our neighborhood who push our cat around in a stroller! He seems to like it, though!!

      I was the same as you while Jimmy was gone–I had no clue what to do with myself!!

  8. In high school, I had no problem staying home by myself, but ever since being married I HATE it! That’s so precious that your father-in-law and his girlfriend came by! That’s precious! I love that you guys took each other’s blood pressures- wish her luck from me! Tell her it’s all worth it in the end ❤ I love peppermint mocha creamer. YUM. I lived on that and pumpkin spice in college. Glad you guys are back together now! Have a beautiful weekend, dear!

    1. Yes! Exactly! It’s such a weird feeling to know your other half won’t be sleeping next to you at night!

      I will tell Hannah you wished her good luck with nursing!! She is absolutely loving it so far!

  9. With living at my parents through college I don’t experience this often, but in the summer they’re gone every weekend. I’m used to the alone time now as it’s been years like this. I think there’s definitely an adjustment period. It’s always nice to use the time alone to connect with family though – so Hannah and your parents! Also, YAY for Hannah enjoying nursing school!

    1. Yes, it’s such a weird feeling when you’re used to having someone home with you, especially at night!! But I made it out alive, so it was a-okay 😉

      And yaaay for nursing school for Hannah!! She is rocking (and loving!) her classes so far!

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