A Monday in December

Monday December 19th was a special day. I caught Lola and Malcolm cuddling together for the first time!


These two have a funny relationship. Malcolm is absolutely the boss of Lola. It’s kind of cute to see how gentle she is with him. She’s actually a little timid around her younger brother. Probably because he’s so playful and full of kitten energy.

The snuggle moment likely would have lasted longer if I didn’t wake them up to take a picture, but it was just so sweet! I haven’t seen them snuggle since then, but I have a feeling I’ll find them curled up together many times in the future 🙂

Do you have more than one pet?

Do they get along?



  1. I literally melt whenever I see pets loving on each other. I think those are the sweetest cutest moments that absolutely HAVE to be documented! Love it. No pets for me- yet, but my dog fever is at an all time high! Hopefully one day in the near future. But till then I’ll just have to admire everyone elses pups lol

    xo, JJ

  2. I was going to say what Brittany did – they look like Cat~Dog 😂 As you well know, we have 4 pets, 2 cats and 2 dogs. I find 1 cat (lily) cuddling with Reggie (yellow lab) quite often. They are definitely ‘buds’. Brandy (cocker spaniel) is always cuddling with Reggie — and cleaning his ears and constantly acting like his mother (chasing the cats away from him like he’s in some sort of trouble if he hangs with them). As for Felix, our black cat that looks like Malcolm— he is a total loner, as far as with the other animals. He loves humans though!! Not sure why– but this is the ‘pet dynamics’ in our home 🏡
    Love you beautiful ❤ madre

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