Up Before The Sun

Hello and happy Friday! I’m up bright and early because Malcolm was biting my ear around 4:45 this morning. I decided to just get up, brew some coffee, and read my Bible while I waited for Jimmy to wake up.

There’s just something special about the quiet stillness of the morning before the sun rises.


Now I’m sipping my second cup of coffee and writing this post because I have some time before I need to leave for work. Yay! This post is going to be full of random thoughts and pictures. That’s nothing new here, though 😉

First things first, I decorated our house for fall! Our mantle is looking quite festive if I do say so myself. Jimmy and I also welcomed the new season last night by visiting a local farm to buy apples. I plan on making apple pie sometime soon, as long as I don’t eat all the apples before then!


I filmed a vlog of the decoration process, and also explained a little bit about why Jimmy and I don’t celebrate Halloween.

Malcolm left me a note the other day (aka Jimmy wrote it, haha). I had a to-do list sitting on our kitchen counter and Malcolm gave me some encouragement to finish all the tasks.


I had to laugh about the “P.S. I like your pen” part because Malcolm is kind of obsessed with knocking my pen off the counter.

My mom and I had a girls’ day last Saturday and we were about to hop into her Jeep when she noticed a butterfly on the hood.


I think it was a blue monarch? It was pretty neat because my mom and aunt always tell me that monarch butterflies remind them of their mom who passed away when they were in their 20s. Every now and then we’ll see one and it makes me smile.

I’m 100% obsessed with Malcolm.


I looked up cat strollers on Amazon the other day so I could take him on my daily walks with Lola. If pushing our cat around in a stroller is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Today is the last day of the September Bible study I made. It seems like just yesterday I was working on creating the calendar and pouring over the pages of my Bible.


It felt great to be so involved in studying God’s word. Something I’ve been thinking about lately in regards to my faith is allowing God to work in my life in His way.

I think I try to limit God so often because I have preconceived notions, preferences, and a comfort zone. I’ve been asking God to help me to know and obey His will for my life, no matter what it looks like.

Alright, I better get going. I have to order a ceiling fan part for the family I work for because I broke theirs while I was dusting. I don’t know how they put up with my clumsiness. In the year and a half I’ve worked for them, I’ve broken a vase, part of a ceiling fan, and a picture frame. Eek!

Have you ever broken something important? —> I once stapled a piece of paper on top of a glass vanity when I was younger and the vanity shattered and a shard of glass sliced my shin. Good times, haha.



  1. The first the I thought I’d that I broke of importance was my toe (2 actually) 😂 Of course I’ve broken a million other things in my 52 years ~ but all are replaceable~ 😋 Love you baby girl ~

  2. I love your Fall decorations!

    I have broken things of importance… mostly when I was a kid. But family forgives and honestly, things are just things. They can be replaced.

    The older I get, the less money I want to spend on things and the more I want to spend on experiences and memories. Yeah, my mom and I shared a piece of $8 carrot cake, and years ago I would think that’s a frivolous purchase… but we sat there and ate it from the box, with forks, taking turns, and you really can’t get things like that back.

    1. Thank you! I love decorating for fall! It’s such a happy time 🙂

      You’re so right, material things can be replaced and family forgives! I like the way you look at things. The memory you have with your mom of eating carrot cake is the best. It’s irreplaceable and I’m sure you’ll look back on it for years and have such sweet memories!

  3. I love being up early too, although not as early as 4.45! Early mornings are so peaceful.

    Wow, that butterfly is so beautiful!

    Love your fall decorations. 🙂

    If you get a stroller for Malcolm, do you think he’ll sit happily in it? I got a carrier for Aimée so she can go in it when she gets tired on walks. I like long walks but she can’t walk far yet! Here’s a link to the one I got: http://amzn.to/2cHjqnz

    1. I agree! 4:45 is a bit early, but mornings are so nice and peaceful!

      I am so torn on whether or not Malcolm will like the stroller! That’s the only thing holding me back. I wish I could test it and if I didn’t like it, just return it. Maybe I can?! I should look into it, haha.

      The dog backpack carrier you bought for Aimee is so neat! What an amazing invention. I bet she loves being all snuggled up in it on walks when she gets tired!

  4. I love your fall decorations! I’m looking forward to watching your vlog too! I’ll watch that after I finish writing here. 🙂

    So I take it you got a cat while I was gone?? I have so much catching up to do!

    Girl, I’m pretty sure that family thinks you are so awesome that they happily put up with a few bumps and things. You do so much for them!

    1. Aww, thanks Rach!! I just love decorating for fall. Then I get thinking of decorating for Christmas and get extra excited 🙂

      Yes, we got a cat while you were in Europe! Ahhh, we just love him!

  5. I thought I broke my iPod. This is actually a very recent occurrence. I was freaking out because I need it for next weekend and I cannot afford a new one. Thankfully, Apply Support helped me out and I might have fallen in love with the technician named Thomas 😉

  6. Please, please get a cat stroller. That would be amazing. You could also see if Malcolm would go for a come-with-me-kitty leash. Malcolm is amazing. Rue says to tell him she loves pens too.

    I’m sorry you have to get a ceiling fan. But I know why the people keep you despite the occasional clumsy moment – you’re honest, trustworthy, caring, need I go on? Those are the things that matter!

    That butterfly is beautiful. How special that you and your mom saw one.

    1. I am 100% thinking about getting a cat stroller, hahaha. Maybe I should try a leash first?! Malcolm told me to let you know he thinks Rue is cute 🙂

      Thank you for the compliments 🙂 That made my day!

  7. A cat stroller?! DO IT! haha. My sister likes to joke with me that if I ever get a pet of my own, I should get a stroller like a baby jogger to put my pet in when I go for run!! 😛

  8. I think a cat stroller would be awesome!!! 🙂
    LOVE the fall decorations.
    And although I haven’t watched your vlog yet on Halloween, I imagine that your reasoning is very similar to me and Nate’s thoughts as well.

    1. I’m seriously considering the cat stroller, haha!

      I hope our reasoning is the same on Halloween! I feel like a lot of people celebrate it but don’t understand that it’s about celebrating satanic things. I didn’t think about that for the longest time and was more aware in the past few years, so now we don’t celebrate it!

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