Wedding Dress Shopping

On Saturday, Hannah picked out her wedding dress! My family and Josh’s (Hannah’s fiancé) family drove to Sharon, PA to The Winner, which is a three-floor gown store.

The Winner also happened to have a men’s lounge, so that’s where all the guys, except my dad and Hannah’s future father-in-law, went to hang out and watch TV while the rest of us helped the bride-to-be pick out her dress.

Hannah and I drove separately and thought it was funny that we both showed up wearing almost the same outfit.

Hannah and I drove separately and thought it was funny that we both showed up wearing almost the same outfit.

We all had a lovely time watching Hannah try on beautiful wedding dresses. The intricate details in every gown never cease to amaze me. Here are a few of the dresses she tried on, but didn’t end up choosing.


Hannah looked amazing in every single dress, and I’m pretty sure each of us had a different favorite dress on her, ha!

There were definitely a few tears shed–mostly by the parents. Hannah and Josh are both the youngest in their families, so I think it’s a bit emotional for the parents of the bride and groom!

Hannah picked out an absolutely stunning wedding dress, and I can’t wait to see her wear it again in June. Saturday was such a wonderful, happy day.

I decided to film a vlog so I’m able to look back on the special day it in the future!

P.S. Mine and Jimmy’s newest family member makes an appearance at the end of the vlog. I can’t wait to officially introduce him soon!



  1. Hannah looks beautiful. 🙂 How funny that the people in the shop thought you were her little sister!

    Aww, your new kitten is so cute! ❤ I was worried about how my cat would react to the puppy but she's been absolutely fine. She even comes on walks with me when I take pup out. 🙂

    1. She really does! She was just radiant while trying on all the dresses. It made me so happy to see her so happy.

      Thanks for the compliment on Malcolm! I have to agree–he is a cutie! I am super glad to hear your cat and new puppy are getting along!! So, so sweet 🙂

  2. Ahh!! I had a feeling that your newest family member would be a cat. So sweet!! I shoved the phone in front of Kevin’s face and said, “Look! Allie got a black cat. She has wanted one for awhile!” And I was so busy saying all that that I missed whether you shared the cat’s name. I’ll have to go back and watch again.

    Hannah looks gorgeous in all the dresses she tried. What a fun day with family!

    1. Yeeees!! I am loving our new family member! I lol’d at you saying you shoved the phone in front of Kevin’s face haha!! I do the same thing with Jimmy all the time, except I try to entice him to want a baby by showing him pictures of Ava 🙂

      And yes, I agree, Hannah looked gorgeous in the dresses! It was surreal to see her trying on wedding dresses!

  3. I love that you guys showed up in the same outfit (down to the shoes)! So cute! And girl, this whole post made me emotional. Weddings are so just special and all the preparations for them ahead of time are so sweet. I love wedding dress shopping! Hannah looks great in every single one of those dresses! I look forward to seeing the one she chose in June! 🙂

    Oh girl, Christopher and I had the same thing happen to us! A few years ago we were sitting on the front porch and someone came to our house and asked us if our parents were home. HA!

    1. So weird that we showed up in the same outfit! We were twinning, haha.

      I agree, weddings are so incredibly special. I just love all of the happiness and celebration they bring.

      LOL to someone thinking you and Christopher were siblings!

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