Nature’s Bakery Review and Giveaway

I absolutely love Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. I first tried the bars when I was looking for an on-the-go snack to bring with me on my trip to Savannah. I finished a box of the blueberry Fig Bars within days and was hooked.


I decided to reach out to Nature’s Bakery to do a review and giveaway on the blog because I want you guys to try these bars. They’re seriously delicious.

What I love about Nature’s Bakery is that their bars have simple ingredients. When I’m running errands all day, at work, or traveling, I love that I can reach for a Fig Bar and know that I’m getting a quality snack that isn’t going to leave me with a sugar crash in an hour.

Nature’s Bakery has three lines of products–Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Gluten Free Fig Bars, and Whole Grain Brownies. Every product is Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, soy free, and kosher. I could go on and on, but if you want to learn more about any specific product, you can explore them here.


I was sent several boxes of the Whole Wheat Fig Bars to review, and asked my family to help me taste test one Sunday afternoon. We all tried a few different flavors, which was fun.

By the end of the tasting, everyone had their own favorite. I thought that was pretty neat. The blueberry, raspberry, and apple cinnamon flavors were big hits with everyone.

Here are our notes on each flavor!


Now onto the giveaway!

Nature’s Bakery is going to give one winner a prize of 5 6-pack boxes of Fig Bars and/or Brownies in the flavors of the winner’s choosing. As a note, Nature’s Bakery only ships to the United States and Canada.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I will be randomly choosing a winner on Monday September 19th!



  1. Yay!! Great post- and thanks for letting me be a part of the survey!! They’re super awesome bars (even though I keep calling them cookies) 😋

  2. I love these Fig Bars! Here is a funny story: my job was handing out things to trick-or-treaters one year and they got these bars. I had never tried them and kind of gave my boss a hard time about giving “healthy” treats instead of candy. I eventually snagged one and FELL IN LOVE with them!!! I totally ate my words on that one =P
    I would love to try the lemon! I haven’t had that flavor yet!

  3. Working graveyard shift, sometimes I need a boost halfway through the 1.5hr drive home. I’ve started snacking on these FIg Bars midway during the drive and I gets me going for the rest of the way home.

  4. I love love love FIG BARS! They are the best, and great in the winter cause they don’t freeze/get hard. They are my go-to snack when I am out on an adventure… or don’t want to make breakfast 🙂

  5. I love these, I’m a college student and they sell these in the vending machine in my dorm, I’ve been buying them all!

  6. I love how you included an opinion of each flavor from different people! And I actually didn’t know they came in all sorts of flavors either!

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