Girls’ Day

It had been quite some time (months, maybe?) since my mom, sister, and I had hung out together. We were blessed to be able to spend most of Thursday with each other because our schedules aligned!

Girls Day

I had the day off of my regular job and only had to pet sit two dogs, Hannah finished her classes in the morning, and my mom and sister were at my house by the early afternoon!

We were able to visit Hannah’s jeweler to get her engagement ring resized, browse around some decoration stores, enjoy a lovely dinner together, and I even got to do a little photoshoot of Hannah. It was such a great day, and just what I needed. I miss living with my family, but the time we spend together now is extra special, and something I cherish so very much.

We filmed a vlog to remember our day, and I think it adequately shows the silliness that ensues when we hang out.

I went to sleep that night feeling incredibly blessed. It was a good day 🙂



    1. Aww, thanks Nicole! Every time I see your vlogs I’m always thinking about how much fun you’re having with your family! Imagine if both of our families got together… the laughing wouldn’t stop! 🙂

  1. This is the cutest!!

    “You COLD miss it…” Bahahaha!

    Looks like you ladies had a successful and fun shopping trip!

    Oh, and no, I’ve never tried to squish my eyeballs before, ha! Glad Hannah’s headache went away with some food!

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