Resurrection Sunday

It’s tough to truly describe how important Christ’s death and resurrection are to the Christian faith. Because Jesus died for our sins, we have the opportunity to live with Him in eternity if we obey His commands. With that said, celebrating Resurrection Sunday was a very blessed day!

Jimmy and I headed to church and the morning and had my dad (and my parents’ dogs) over for lunch afterwards. We grilled, chilled, and played with the dogs!


This is what happens when Jimmy and I try to take a picture with the self timer on my camera.


My mom and sister went to Florida to visit my great aunt and my brother and sister-in-law were with her family, so our house wasn’t as full as last year. Similar to last year, though, I had to pet sit. I watched a sweet bulldog and a bengal cat.


It was really nice not to stress out over preparing a big meal since it was just Jimmy, my dad, and me. I felt like I could really keep my focus where it should be. That’s always a nice thing 🙂

It was lovely to catch up with my dad and enjoy the sunny 70 degree weather. My dad asked if he could bring anything to lunch and I asked him to bring the Sunday paper. When I lived with my parents, it was mine and my dad’s ritual to read the Sunday paper together, so it was lovely and so special to do that again!


Reggie wanted to get in the picture, haha.


After spending a relaxing afternoon together, we went to the evening church service and closed out a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! Typing up this post made me thankful all over again for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

I hope everyone had a great Resurrection Sunday!


  1. Happy Easter – He is Risen Indeed! I actually hear you loud and clear about reading the Sunday paper with your old man. One of the things I particularly miss post-divorce is sitting on father-in-law’s verandah reading the Baton Rouge Advocate or the Daily Comet with him. It’s always the simplest things, right? What Camus called “les plus pauvres et les plus tenaces de mes joies”.

  2. I love love love that dress on you! Such a pretty dress and such a great color for you! 🙂

    Ooh bengal cats are so neat! Before Oreo decided that he wanted to be an only child, we really entertained the thought of having a bengal. But alas, Oreo is spoiled rotten and doesn’t want to share our attention. 😉

    So precious that you and your dad read the paper together again. What a precious ritual!

    Happy Easter, friend. The tomb was empty and He is risen just as He said! 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Rach! Yellow is my absolute favorite color, and I feel most beautiful and confident when I’m wearing it! 🙂

      Bengal cats are truly so neat! I’m sure you and Christopher would have loved having one. The one I have experience with (I see him 3x a week, usually!) is so much fun. He is wild and mischievous and relaxed at the same time. I totally understand Oreo not wanting to share your attention. Lola is the same way with other dogs. I entertain the thought of getting another dog (or like 10 more, ha) almost daily… but then I worry about how Lola will do. Ugh, haha. Some day, though!!!

      The paper ritual with my dad is one of my favorite things about our relationship. It’s just such a sweet thing for us both!

      Hope you had a lovely day celebrating Christ’s resurrection!

    1. Thanks, Kylie!! It is one of my favorite rituals in life. It’s just such a sweet thing that my dad and I both enjoy!

      Thank you for the compliments on the pictures of Jimmy and I! I always thought that when we were married, we would take pictures together all the time, but we don’t do it nearly often enough. I’m working on it, though. Much to Jimmy’s dismay, haha.

      I hope you had a great day celebrating Christ’s resurrection!

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day! And everyone looks so happy in all of the pictures…especially the bull doggie 🙂

    1. Thank you, P! It truly was! It’s crazy to think that it was in the 70s that day and we are forecasted to get 3 inches of snow in just a few days now. Pittsburgh weather! Crazytown.

      Aww, I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures! The bulldog is such a sweetie. She is a very, very easy dog and so much fun!

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