Our Christmas

Christmas 2014. If I could describe it in five words I would use these: happy, blessed, sickly, fun, and relaxing.

Wait… sickly? Yes. Poor Jimmy came home from work on Christmas Eve and wasn’t feeling good. By the 26th, we were at Med Express getting him swabbed for the flu. He got it. He’s on Tamiflu now, and we’re crossing our fingers I don’t catch it as well, buuut I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. It happens!

2014-12-25 09.20.242014-12-25 08.57.492014-12-25 09.13.43

Sickness aside, our Christmas was amazing because we were able to spend it with our loved ones. We were with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and Jimmy’s family on the 26th and 27th. My brother hosted our family as well as my sister-in-law’s family at his house and it was an evening filled with games, good food, and lots of laughter.

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We are pet sitting Sticker, a nine-month-old Schnoodle (schnauzer + poodle), until Friday and Lola is absolutely loving having a buddy. Sticker still has a lot of puppy energy, so he’s keeping us on our toes!

2014-12-26 13.42.022014-12-26 13.50.34

All in all, I’d say our first Christmas as a married couple was memorable. It wasn’t exactly how we pictured it would be, but it was special in its own way and I love that. I feel so blessed that we were able to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our families and have time to reflect on all that special holiday means to us.

How was your Christmas?


  1. My Christmas was super relaxing too. It was exactly what I needed honestly. I’m glad you had a great time. I think it being special in it’s own way is important. You know you love each other and that is all that matters.

  2. I hope Jimmy feels better and you don’t get the flu. It stinks to be sick any time but especially around the holidays and your first Christmas together as a married couple. It looks like you made the best of it and are having fun pet sitting, though.

    1. Thank you, Amy!! He’s doing MUCH better now! I didn’t catch the flu (yet…?), but I did catch a cold. I’ll take a cold over the flu ANY day, though!! We definitely tried to make the most of it, and pet sitting has definitely made it fun, haha!!

  3. if you’ve gotta have the flu – at least have lots of chocolate and family to keep you distracted from the sickness? maybe? i’m crossing my fingers that you don’t catch it too.

  4. Hope Jimmy starts feeling better soon and that you don’t catch it! Kevin thought he had the flu a couple of weeks ago but the swab test was negative – he just had a virus of some kind. Fortunately I missed catching it so I hope you’re just as lucky! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Amy! He’s doing much better a week later. Thank goodness. I was pretty worried about him for a few days! I felt so helpless because there was only so much I could do, you know? Anyways… I’m glad Kevin didn’t get the flu!! The only thing I’ve caught (so far) is a cold… so I’ll take it over the flu any day, haha.

  5. My Christmas was blessed! My sister and I did not fight. I might even like her a little bit. It was answered prayer!

  6. I love how you had an awesome time! I hope Jimmy is feeling better, and that you have been able to stay flu-free! Those chocolates look too beautiful to eat 🙂 !!!

  7. Ugh the flu is unbelievable this year! I took some time off so luckily I haven’t been in the ER much to see it but have gotten the emails about it!

    Those chocolates look to die for! So colorful! I’m glad you had a great Christmas! It’s all about family…thats the best part!

    1. I kept hearing on the news that it was BAD in PA, but I thought they were just hyping it up… nope! It’s awful haha. Especially for my young, healthy husband to get so sick, you know? He’s never sick! Anyways.. I’m glad you had time off of work so you didn’t have to see too much of it and hopefully not catch it! Do you find that you get sick a lot from seeing patients or are you more immune to it?!

      1. Haha yeah, it’s bad! I am actually sick right now but I think it’s from a cold. Definitely not the flu. I find that I am more immune to the viruses that go around. I don’t get sick very often and when I do its very mild. I also never use antibiotics when I get sick in hopes that one day if I really get sick, they’ll be most effective.

  8. I’m so happy you got to spend Christmas with both of your families! It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re with them is what counts. Our Christmas was a little sickly too… the flu is just going around everywhere right now! Also, Sticker is so cute!!

  9. I am reading this forever late (just now getting caught up on everything I’ve missed over the busy traveling season), but hopefully Jimmy is MUCH better by now! And I’m hoping you didn’t catch it! Being sick at Christmas definitely isn’t fun!

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