Veterans Day

Living My Full Life

Happy Veterans Day! 

To celebrate this important holiday, I decided to ask two veterans (my parents!) what they thought was the toughest thing about serving in the U.S. Navy, and their favorite part about serving in the U.S. Navy.

To learn about what their positions were, and which years they served, check out this post.


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  1. Loved this the first time you posted it last year, and still do. Thank you to your parents and all others who have served for our country. I think it was really neat that your parents were able to give you this perspective on their time in the military. Definitely an eye opener.

  2. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to your parents and the other veterans who served this country so selflessly! Freedom is NOT free… And it’s because of their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice that we Americans can live in such an amazing country!!

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